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Artist Statement

Champlin prefers portraiture and emotional scenes of the human bond and of the human condition. It is this energy and emotion that binds the subject with the canvas and forms the symphonic nature of his work. It is the merging of the moment onto the canvas. A symphysis of subject and form. Champlin boldly uses colour and line to express his artistic vision. The colour is weaved together to form a tapestry. Bold lines give a feeling of motion and energy. His works are the passion and energy of life and the fluidity of which life entails.

Painting is the symphysis between artist and subject - the subject and the artist transcends a part of themselves to the painting creating a perfect union. It is a butterfly and the flower, the butterfly paints the flower flowing on the wind to the next to create new life - the miracle of pollenation.

Painting is a way of thought. There are no words really to describe the process as thoughts are emotions and hues and shapes. It is calculated chaos resulting in harmony. Painting is to capture the spirit as if one could take a breath of wind, hold it and give it to another. Painting is the spirit of man transcended onto canvas.

Art will always be interesting as we are innately intrigued about the plight of the human condition and of the plight of ourselves. It is a map of our journey - our past and our future. This is my inspiration.

Artist Exhibitions

1992-93: Madison Ave Art Gallery (Memphis, TN). 1997: International Gallery of Art (London, Ont.). 1997-98: Gallery One (Ellensburg, WA) in 1997-1998. Dec 15, 1996: cover of the Journal of American Veterinary Medicine. Oct. 2005: juried show in the Period One gallery Colour III exhibit(Omaha, NE: Apr 1-30, 2007 EBSQ "Wild Bird" exhibit. May 1-31, 2007 EBSQ "More than Birth" exhibit. Dec 1-31, 2007 EBSQ "Better Late Than Never" exhibit. EBSQ "Nude in Art" Feb 1-29, 2008. Agora Gallery "Figuratively Speaking", 25th Street, NYC, NY Feb 29-Mar 20, 2008. Amsterdam Whitney Gallery "Serenade of a Star", 25th Street, NYC, NY Aug 1 - Aug 26, 2008. Juried book 2nd art edition 'International Contemporary Masters 2009' editor/curator Despina Tunberg . Agora Gallery, 25th St. NYC, NY, Jan 30, 2009 - Feb 19, 2009; Harlow Gallery (Augusta, ME) Dec. 4 - 13, 2009 8x10x80; Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art (Las Vegas, NV) Feb 20 - Avr 3, 2010 ; Amsterdam Whitney Gallery (NYC, NY) 25th Street, Avr 2-27, 2010 ; Agora Gallery (New York, NY) Jun 4 - Jun 25, 2010 ; Artists Haven Gallery (Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA) Dec 1 - 31, 2010; Amsterdam Whitney Gallery "Salute to the Stars" May 8-Jun 2, 2009 ; works show for exhibit at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art (Las Vegas, NV) May, 2010 - Feb 2011...

Artist Publications

Art Acquisitor 2009 Review said:

Edvard Munch once said 'I do not paint what I see but what I saw.' Contemporary artist D. Loren Champlin continues the tradition of expressionism with his engaging oil paintings. Mr. Champlin explores the complexity of the emotional experience by creating a world where appearances are intrisically linked to pathos.

Mr. Champlin paints with sweeping brushstrokes which convey movement on the canvas. His style illustrates a unique optimism, depicting heartwarming subject matter such as children playing. Colors such as fresh oranges and crisp greens grace the canvas like lapping waves. The hues correspond with profound emotions rather than a literal translation of substantive hues. The application of line does not strictly adhere to the rules of reality as the lines seem to have a spirit unto them.

D. Loren Champlin has been exhibited nationally and has been sold internationally. His work has been featured on the cover of the Journal of American Veterinary Medicine.

ArtisSpectrum Magazine 2008 Review said:

D. Loren Champlin understands life’s ephemeral fragility and he understands the importance of the moment. In his paintings, fluid mark-making unites subjects with their surroundings, creating an instantaneously uplifting harmony of forms. Champlin, who has maintained a keen awareness of spirituality since childhood, understand the potential art has to transform figures and settings into dreamscapes that are at once celestial and accessible. He weaves together color and texture, intertwines figures and nature, and synthesizes stillness with movement. Ultimately, his paintings are about the liquid interaction between the spiritual realm and the physical world.

Visiting Norway as a student, Champlin was exposed to the work of Edvard Munch. Munch’s soulful intensity would later influence Champlin’s approach to painting, as would Norway’s majestic landscape. The relationship between nature, spirituality and humanity that dictates Champlin’s work also reflects the artist’s familiarity with the symbolism and iconography of the Catholic Church, a familiarity that has helped him visualize normally intangible ideas.

Champlin primarily works in oil, a medium known for its emotive viscosity. His bold line work and uninhibited use of color give his paintings a confident energy, inviting viewers into an invigorating, sensorial experience. Champlin has exhibited nationally and his painting has been featured on the cover of the Journal of American Veterinary Medicine. He currently lives and works in the highlands of Maine.

ArtisSpectrum Magazine 2007 Review said

In moody, expressionisitic drags of paint D. Loren Champlin exposes the brutalities and joys derived of human passion. Deep reds, flesh tones, and azures swirl across the canvas, emphasizing the emotion of the subject matter. The style is highly reminiscent of Edvard Munch, whose works influenced the Pittsburgh-born Champlin when he was living in Norway as a teenager.

The nude is a common motif in Champlin's paintings, but has varied meanings. Some are peaceful and meditative, while others are sensual or even grotesque. Each, however, exposes a truthof the individual's character. Champlin also paints scenes of musicians and familial outings. These paintings are visual stories of people absorbed by their surroundings and the things that make them happy.

Champlin's works are wrought with the raw emotion of the human experience. Themes such as romantic ardor, parental love, betrayal, and contemplation show the multiplicity of life. Invoking the untamable spirit of a stallion, his paintings emanate intensity, energy, and movement

Agora Gallery, 2007 said:

The highly textured portraits by painter D. Loren Champlin express the tumultuous experience of an intense inner life. His artwork is, as he says, "calculated chaos resulting in harmony" through his skilled fusion of lines and color within the human bodies he paints. Even if his subjects are motionless, the textures which make up their bodies reveal a multifarious nature.

Champlin's artistic vision is focused on merging the moment of inspiration with the commitment of painting. To capture the human life in a single instant, in a pose, or embrace, Champlin exceeds the bounds of portraiture and inhabits an expressionism reminiscent of fellow Norwegian Edvard Munch. Tides of color roil around his subjects like auras, and are echoed in similar ebbs within the limbs and faces of those he brings to the canvas. The human condition has always been Champlin's concern, and that vulnerability is expressed, ironically, in his bold brushwork and the tumult it conveys. D. Loren Champlin's paintings embrace the fleeting moment wherein the human character is revealed.

Artist Collections

Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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