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In my work I focus on combinations of volumes, patterns, colors or all together. They should interact, agree or disagree with each other. Listening to this conversation and forming this relationship are the most exciting things in art. Volumes often interact within a piece of art through crossing facets or absence of facets, polished planes and projecting parts as well as escape to the deep dark cavities and hollows. At times an object can be seen as a human, partially imperfect but constantly striving for perfection. I always treat objects and parts of objects as humans or groups of humans being unique individuals. My favorite material is carbon steel. It proves amazingly deep in case of natural treatment, i.e. waxing, polishing, and patination. It is oxidation ability that makes carbon steel far richer than precious metal in terms of its expressive properties. Traditionally, it is considered to be a disadvantage, yet indeed is a benefit due to the fact that kind of makes up for what the painter did not paint thus making a piece of art beautiful and expressive.
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