Artist Statement -

“We Consider Glamour Photography a Fine Art, Shouldn’t You?”

The above statement is both a sales tag line for my advertising, and my personal point of view of how I see the creation of my glamour photography. The idea of glamour is not a natural idea. It is an artificial product. No one is born glamorous. No one wakes up in the morning in a state of glamour. Glamour is a product of careful planning. It is the creation of a group of people working together to create a unique vision that takes a viewer outside of their normal sense & view of the world. It is about creating a moment that is designed to excite the viewer. To cause the viewer of the glamorous scene before them to exclaim “Wow!”

Sensuality is another key element to the creation of glamour. It comes from the selection of the model or individuals that exist in the created scene. The model appearing in the scene is selected for the quality of their looks. Their physical beauty is by its nature a few steps above the norm. It’s the kind that captures the attention of the average person and causes them to whistle, to exclaim, and to cause them to turn their heads for continued focus of attention of what they have seen & admired.

Throughout the history of art, the idea of glamour has been a prevalent theme even when placed in a context that is not associated in a glamour sense. Artists that have tried to capture the beauty of the human form, and the female figure have tried to place that beauty in it’s best light. That effort bespeaks of an effort to view that beauty in a glamour context. As history progressed and the idea of fashion came into being, it seemed only natural that the combining of the ideas of fashion & glamour would take place. As that combination forms a natural extension to the ideas of how we view beauty.

With modern photography taking its place in the role of the fashion industry in the 20th century, glamour & beauty became essential elements to the commercial promotion of fashion. The commercial elements of the production of glamour for fashion advertising has for many in the artistic marketplace been viewed as less than pure artistry in its design. There is sense of the produced work being less than a piece of fine art. That is where I disagree.

Regardless of where the need for the creation of glamour imagery comes from. Be it a commercial fashion assignment or some other source, the production process, the creative energies invested in the effort are no less pure than in any other artistic endeavor. And the control of the photographic techniques, are just as precise in their execution as in any other artistic medium.

When I take on my role of photographer, and make the effort of arranging for the selection of a model, the selection of a location, the selection of fashion & costume elements, and the other help needed to produce the specific idea of glamour & beauty being captured by my lens, I have every intent in the effort to produce a piece of fine art. That is the final goal in every shoot. It is what my artistic energies and point of view are focused on. It is the central idea in my business activities. It is why I call my business The Fine Art of Glamour.

Artist Exhibitions

• Art gallery group exhibition at Flash Gallery, Lakewood, Colorado for The Pin-Up Show. Feb-Mach 2010.

• Art gallery group exhibition of fashion & glamour photography at Echo Gallery in Chicago. July 2, 2005 –September 30, 2005....

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