Artist Statement

March 2009

I guess it is usual for me to have spaces of time in between work, just like a pianist the spaces in between the notes are so important.

I have no gallery representation to speak of and have had many serious solo shows and now am interested solely in just exhibiting on my own.

Imagine going on a road trip and visiting my studio for a cornucopia of delights, I am nestled in the shawnee national forest area, many hiking trails and super hilly views, as good as it gets, an organic food location, we all grow our own.

Take a listen to me on WDBX.ORG 10:30 am - 12:00 pm Fridays Central time, live streaming worldwide, I mix my own music.

Artist Exhibitions

September 1993 Group show Leonardis Gallery/Chicago
November 1993International Art Expo Los Angeles
January 1994 thru 2002 Annual Outsider Art Fair NYC
May/June 1994 Solo Show Ricco/Maresca Gallery NYC
May 30 1994 New Yorker feature write up with self portrait
October 1994 Interview on Connie Chung Eye to Eye program
August 1994 Pictorial review Harpers Magazine
November 1994 Feature article Chicago Magazine
November 1994 feature article Third Word Magazine
May 1995 Chicago Art Expo w/Ricco/Maresca Gallery
December/January 96/96 Solo show Liz Blackman Gallery Los Angles
December 13 1995 review Los Angeles Times
March/April 1999 Group show Modern Primitive Gallery/Atlanta
January thru March 2000 Elvis Group show Intuit Chicago
January 7th 2000 Photo of Elvis piece in Chicago Sun Times
August 18 thru 21, 2000 Folkfest Atlanta, GA
September 2000 Purchase of 2 pieces by senior curator of the Columbus museum in Ohio
November 2001 Group Show Judy Saslow Gallery Chicago
October 2001 Group show Anne Nathan Gallery Chicago
November 2001 A work accepted into the Whitney Museum NYC
August 2002 Folkfest Atlanta, GA Lindsay Gallery
September 2002 Intuit Collectorama
October 2002 Garde Rail Gallery/Seattle group show
October 2002 Columbus Museum of Art/Columbus,OH Benefit and lecture about my work
December 2002 Pittsburgh Folk Art Show/Lindsay Gallery
January 2003 Outsider Art Fair NYC Dean Jensen Gallery
September 2003 Intuit Icons and Intimates
October/November 2003 Dean Jensen Gallery Solo Show
January 2004 Outsider Art Fair NYC Dean Jensen Gallery
January thru March 2004 Sister Stories/Della Wells
January 2005 Outsider Art Fair NYC Dean Jensen Gallery
October 2005 Intuit Show/Ann Nathan Gallery
January 2006 Putsider Art Fair/NYC Dean Jensen Gallery
February 3006 Murals/Blue Sky Winery/Makanda, IL (ongoing)
May/June 2006 Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts/Deconstruction and Reconstruction: The Family Experience
Fall 2006 Teaching Acrylic painting John A. Logan College,Carbondale, IL
January 2007 Outsider Art Fair NYC/Dean Jensen Gallery
February 2007 Internal Guidance Systems Show/Tag Gallery Nashville
April 2007 Artropolis/Chicago/Ridge Art Gallery
February 2008 Solo show Carnondale Community Arts/Carbondale civic center
October/November 2009 Solo show Longbranch Coffeehouse/Carbondale, Illinois...

Artist Publications

New Yorker Magazine May 30, 1994
Harpers Magazine August 1994
Interview Connie Chung Eye to Eye program CBS
Midwest Today November 1994
Chicago Magazine November 1994
Third Word Magazine November 1994
November 1995 Los Angeles Times
Maine Antiques Digest April 1997
January 7, 2000 Chicago Sun Times Arts section
Intuit's Outsider magazine Cover January 2000
Raw Vision Winter 2002/03
Milwaukee Magazine September 2003
Bel Art Web Award 2006
February 22,2008 Large review/Southern Illinoisian newspaper
February 28, 2008 Filming for local PBS station/WSIU television/In Focus program, yet to be aired*
Southern Illinoisian June 6, 2008 Feature article for mural and solo show at longbranch coffeehouse/Carbondale, IL...

Artist Collections

Matthew Weseley/NYC
Sam Israel/NYC
Owensboro Museum of Fine Arts/Owensboro, Kentucky
Sheryl Crow/USA
Kelley and Malcom McDowell Collection
Debbie Neff/CT
Chuck and Jan Rosenak/Tesuque, NM
William Louis Dreyfus/New York, NY
Dr. Alvin Weseley/New York, NY
The Mendelsons/New York, NY
Dr. Robert Alter/Chicago, IL
Whitney Museum/New York, NY
Dr. Lenore Levine/New York, NY
The Four Seasons Hotel/Washington, DC
Corrine Riley/Mendiceno,CA
Kim Carlson/chicago
Christy McClear/Chicag
Pabst Family/Milwaukee, WI
Sam Israel/NYC...

Artist Favorites

Personal Favorites
http://Damian Michaels of The Society for Art of Imagination
http://The National Museum of Women in the Arts
http://Dean Jensen Gallery