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New offer on the classic 1982 Posners Pocket Guide to Oil Painting. Hand-written, then reproduced by offset process. Hand-assembled.

Original, unique art attached to EVERY cover. No two alike. Some in oil paint, some in other media. Collectors item. Best pocket guide to oil painting, ever. For beginners as well as advanced artists.

405 dollars each plus first class postage. Indiana residents add 7 percent sales tax to merchandise not including postage and shipping.

Selection of cover art offered, but not guaranteed. Use email messaging here to contact the artist.

No postage if you pick it up about 10 mi. north of Tell City, Indiana.

Not set up for credit card sales. Check or cash only.

Buy one or more, OR later on, kick yourself in the behind for passing up a real bargain and an investment opportunity.

After you reach the main or first Posner portfolio page, the tour is pretty intuitive. Please click on an image to enlarge it and bring up further details about the piece of art and a description or story about it. Once you have done this, you may also click on
zoom-in, a function, which may or may not work.

There are presently a total of about 281 pieces of my art to be viewed. Most are oil paintings, and the rest are charcoal and pencil drawings, watercolors, prints, etc.

Please ignore the computer-generated words, REQUEST PRICE. You do not have to contact me to request any prices. Navigate to the in-depth image information area. It will show the price there.

All prices include an automatic absolutearts 5 percent charge for accepting credit card payments. Since, at this time I am not accepting charge card payments myself or through absolutearts, you can deduct 5 percent from the listed price to arrive at the actual price.

NOTE This website does not provide for the use of apostrophes in painting titles, so titles are sometimes awkward, for example, the painting, Otfinoski apostrophe s Maine has to be listed as The Maine of Otfinoski. Etc.

All customers please note that crating, packing, shipping and insurance are in addition to the price of the artwork. Payment types accepted are money order, personal check, and cashiers check. Upon receipt of payment, artwork will be shipped via UPS or USPS or FedEx. Indiana residents, please add 7 percent sales tax to all artwork prices. There is no tax on crating, packing, shipping and insurance.

All paintings are oil-on-canvas unless otherwise specified and, unless otherwise noted, are UNframed or box-framed
with wooden lattice strips which are either painted or stained white, brown, or black or left as bare wood. Framed pieces are generally pictured WITH their frames on. The net cost of framing is figured into the retail price, as it appears. I do not make any profit on the frames.

Bulk sales are subject to alternate price scheduling, either up or down.

If you have any questions, please message me through this absolutearts website.

I want to personally thank World Wide Art Resources and for providing this invaluable service to artists around the world. Again, here on August 17, 2022, I again express my appreciation for the service that Markus Kruse, Jodi and Janet and the rest of the staff has provided to many thousands of artists. They are real patrons of artists everywhere.

Artist Exhibitions

I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

Artist Publications

Nothing recent.


Artist Collections

The artist's work is in private collections across the U.S. and in Thailand, Spain, and Canada. He is hoping to have a large exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago.


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