Artist Statement -

I have been told that I need to find a style, a theme, or a signature look to my art. Well I have. I love painting the landscapes of America's Southwest and my home state of Texas. I love painting the texture, color and size. Now that being said I find painting abstract and inks very freeing, relaxing and the inks are just down right fun. On occasion the canvas has a mind of its own and a painting just wants out. A good example of this can be found in the Geisha. My daughter challenged me to paint a really big painting. I had a roll of canvas, 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. Overwhelmed by the size I threw on some black paint and some red paint, spread it around. I then hung it from the ceiling of the studio and stepped back. There she was all I had to do was the finishing embellishment and 45 minutes later there stood the "GEISHA". This is not the sort of thing that happens often but what fun when it does.
I hope you enjoy seeing my art as much as I do making it. Thank you.

Artist Exhibitions

Sundance Cinema Houston Oct.2013 - Feb. 2014 Solo Show

Grace @ Stark Naked Theater February 2014

Art Car Museum Dec.2013-Feb. 2014 the Gun Show

Women Artist of the Heights Winter Show

Houston Visual Art Alliance Juried Invitational Feb-March

September 2012-December 2012 Art Car Museum God Show

April 2012 Winter Street Studios Spring Studio Show

October-December 2011 Art Car Museum

September 2011 Parallel Universe Winter Street Studios

•September 2011 Solo show Tommy’s Community Gallery

•September 2011 Solo Show JoMar Visions Gallery

•April 2011 – Visual Art Alliance 28th Juried Open Exhibition

•March 2011 – JoMar Visions Gallery group show

•January 2011 – JoMar Visions Gallery group show

•October – January- “Good Gulf” open call exhibition Art Car Museum

•November 2010 – Hardy /Nance Street Studios Houston Art Crawl

•September 2010- Parallel Universes: Art of Quantum Physics (group show)

Women Artist of the Heights
Visual Arts Alliance of Houston
Texas Art Educators Association & National Art Educators Association


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Artist Collections

Patrice Gail, Las Angeles, California, USA
Dr. and Mrs. Everet Gibson, Houston, Texas USA
Mardi J. Mitchell, Galveston, Texas USA
Mary Harvey, Houston, Texas
Dave and Alethea McCann, Spokane Washington
Micheal and Nancy Whitaker, Greenville, S. Carolina
Michael Lane, Houston, Texas
Marilyn McKinney, Houston, Texas...

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