Artist Statement -

Sice R.Mutt's urinal, visual art in the western world has suffered a shock & a decline.It has become mere conceptual & has gone back to literary traditions of making statements.Abstraction has become a puritan's attitude of non-depiction of human body in a dignified form.My art is a sort of revolt against this kind of pseudo-intellectualism.

My art takes account of both biological & metaphysical aspect of human body.It is a breakthrough to new levels of reality creating significant forms necessary for development of human spirit.

I welcome any suggestions or comments regarding my work. If anyone is interested in buying please contact me.Main aim of my art has never been financial gains.

I have exhibited all over the world including India, Kenya, Helsinki, Paris, London & New york etc.My work is in private & public collections incliding Ministry Of DefenceLondon & Horniman Museum London.

Artist Exhibitions

India, Kenya.
1980-The Loggia Gallery London SW1.
1983-British Petroleum. Britannic House. London.
1985-Loggia Gallery. Paintings and Sculptures.
1987-Center for Unemployed Workers London N15.
1995-Millfield House. London N18.
1997-Sackville Gallery. London W1.
1999/ 2001-Gallery Fore. London N18.
1999-Cartwright Hall. Bradford.
1999-Brighton Fringe Festival.
2000- Battersea Contemporary Art Fair. London.
2002- Quaker Gallery. London WC2.
2002- Kismet. Britism Gallery. London W11.
2003- HP State Museum . Shimla. India.
2007- Photographics. Gallery Fore-London.

Barbican. Berthe Hess Museum. Action Space.
William Morris Galleries. Morley Gallery.
Alpine Galleries. Mall Galleries. Brixton Gallery.
Bruce Castle Museum. Original Gallery Hornsey.
Woodgreen. Gallery. Peoples Gallery.

West Midlands Art Center Birmingham.
Art For Hungry Oxfam.
Amnesty International. Black friars Arts Center. Boston.
Espace Darville. Rue du faubourg Saint Honore Paris.
Autumn Salon Helsinki. Coventry Museum.
New York- dfn Gallery-Broadway.
Florence Art Biennale.
Biennale Of Chianciano. Italy.
London Art Biennale.

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