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Born on 09.26.1961 in Gusinje,Montenegro.Finished the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo in the year 1988.From 1988 trough 1992 he has been working as a Fine Arts Profesor in all of the following prestigious institutions 1.Senior High-School of Architecture “Marko Radevic”; in the course study of Design. 2. Senior High-School of Engineering “Ivan Uskokovic”3. Senior High-School of Electrical Engineering 4. Senior High-School of Music Arts “Vasa Pavic”He became a member of the Montenegrian Association of Esteemed Artists(ULUCG) in 1990.In 1993 he is titled as an Independent Artist. In 1994 he became the President of the Counsel of the Gallery of ART(ULUCG). In 1997 he became a member of the Association of Esteemed Artists of Bosnia-Herzegovina.In 1998 he went in for a professional examination in Sarajevo.He is a member of the traditional exhibition titled “The Youth for the Loved City.” From 2002 through 2004 he has worked as the Art Manager/Coordinator for the Center of Culture in Plav (Montenegro) for the manifestation titled “Days of Culture in Plav.”In 2002 he enrolled in the Post-Diplomatic Studies.In 2000 he represented the Association of Esteemed Artists of Bosnia-Herzegovina on the International Seminar “Art of South-Eastern Europe.In 2002 through 2004 he was one of the few active initiators for the renewed progressive movement of the Art Colony of Pocitelj.In 2000 through 2002 he worked as an assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo (Course of Study: Education ; Department: Art of Painting)From 2001 to today’s date, he works as a member of the Counsel of Fine Artists within the Association of Esteemed Artists of Bosnia-Herzegovina(ULUBiH).In 2002 through 2004 he worked as the Art Editor for the Publishing House “Sarajevo Publishing.”In the year of 2003, he became the author of the Representative International Exhibition titled: “Waiting for El-Fatiha”, which was devoted to the tragic suffering of nineteen travelers on the number 671 train going from Belgrade to Bar. He has had exhibits on all Representative Exhibitions within the country and within many foreign countries.In 2004 he became one of the three judges in an endorsement on the Traditional Exhibition of the City of Zenica, titled “The Spring of Zenica.”

Sarajevo -“Rendevous of 1997"Sarajevo Benneficial Auction Sarajevo – “Artists for Their City”1989- Sarajevo -Colegium Artisticum1998-Maribor- Exhibition of Artists from Bosnia-Herzegovina Mostar -Colegium Artisticum1998 -Srebrenik-Colegium Artisticum1998-Ljubljana-Exhibition of Artists from Bosnia-HerzegovinaAnkara-Exhibition of Artists from Bosnia-HerzegovinaMostar-Chronicals of DrawingsSarajevo-Auction for “Pocitelj”Sarajevo- Inspectional Exhibit Association of Esteemed Artists of Bosnia-HerzegovinaSarajevo-Exhibition of Paintings for Auction 1999Sarajevo-“Sarajevo Winter”2000-Sarajevo- Colegium ArtisticumMostar-Colegium ArtisticumBihac-Colegium ArtisticumSarajevo-Inspectional ExhibitionMostar-Inspectional Exhibition 2001Sarajevo-Colegium ArtisticumTuzla-I Biennial Miniature Sarajevo-Inspectional ExhibitionSarajevo- Gallery of Arts2002-Izmir- The Gallery of the Turkish Business BankSarajevo- Colegium Artisticum Sarajevo-Inspectional Exhibition of 2003Podgorica-Exhibition of nineteen authors from all over the Former Yugoslavia “Waiting for El-Fatiha”
lexandria-Biennial 2004Tuzla- II Biennial Miniature 2004.Sarajevo- Colegium ArtisticumBihac- II Biennial MiniatureSarajevo-II Biennial Miniature Sarajevo- Turkish Cultural Center (“Old Bridge”)Mostar- Turkish Cultural Center (“Old Bridge”)Ankara- Turkish Cultural Center (“Old Bridge”)Istanbul-Representative Exhibition of Artists of Bosnia-Herzegovina
New york - Exhibition “Once Again, Never Again” on July 10, 2005.
New york – WORLD FINE ART GALLERY july 2006

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