Artist Statement -

After writing for two decades, I was developing an idea that I knew could be better expressed as a painting. So in the mid-eighties I took up full-time a life-time passion: painting.

My work is about inner energy; about, first of all, my own energy and internal balance, reinforced through the practice of yoga and tai chi. I sign the inner energy of the subject matter onto the canvas.

I work with acrylics on canvas and sumi-e inks on rice paper. I also sculpt using wood, copper and leather.

Along with focusing on the inner energy of my subject matter, I am constantly working with an awareness that humans have an ancient need to see form, be it in clouds or in chipped paint on a wall or in waving leaves. The ability to decipher forms is part of our oldest survival skills. Imagine the advantage of being able to quickly spot the approaching bear among the shifting shadows of trees. Imagine the advantage and the thrill.

On many canvases, I create forms so the viewer “discovers” them in an uplifting act. Often, I give the paint its head in creating forms, like freeing a captured animal.

The energy from the work will excite the viewer, but after a longer look, it leads the viewer into a place of balanced tranquility.

Artist Exhibitions

Opening Receptions, Group Shows and One-man Shows:

Whitewater Valley Annual Art Competition '08 & '09, Richmond, IN
Guild Gallery, Cincinnati OH
Mason Arts Festival, Mason, OH
Second Sunday Stroll, Waynesville, OH
Art Finds Gallery, Hyde Park, OH
Blue Heron Designs, Birmingham MI
Ave Maria Fine Art Gallery, Ann Arbor MI
Frank Lloyd Wright House at Homearama, Cincinnati OH
Timeless Desert, Sedona AZ – two opening receptions
Galeria Mesa, Mesa AZ – two group shows & receptions, Juror’s award
Mesa Cultural Program’s “Out to Lunch” Series – featured artist
Mesa Gallery - one-man show
Four Seasons, Wrightwood CA – opening reception
Art Hop, Hamilton OH – group show
The Nature Center, Cincinnati OH – two-artist show
Sharon Woods Historic Village, Cincinnati OH – one-man show
Sensory Sundays Jazz Series, Montgomery OH - group show
Thornapple’s, West Chester OH – one-man show and opening reception

Artist Publications

Arizona Republic/The Phoenix Gazette, Phoenix AZ Dec 5, 1989
Xenia Daily Gazette, Xenia OH March 9, 1990...

Artist Collections

Mike and Bonnie Roe, S. Lebanon, OH
White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation, AZ
Lorna Baxter, Phoenix, AZ
Dr. and Mrs. R. Curtis Bay, Tempe, AZ
Professor Julie Dercle, Pasadena, CA
Micki Bernat and Sarah Holmes , Orange, CA
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Gillespie, Friendswood, TX
Dr. Inder Makin and AnnElise Makin, Mesa, AZ
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Earley, Monck's Corner, SC
Shirley Sanders, Clive, IA
Mr. and Mrs. Burnette Koebernick, Urbandale, IA
Steve Sanders and Karen Grabau, Minneapolis, MN
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Olley, Lewisville, TX
Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Earley, Xenia, OH
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Brunsdon, Camas, WA

Artist Favorites