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Painting is one of the ways that I express my soul to the world. It is through a deep felt connection to spirit that enables me to envision the images that eventually become paintings.
My style is best described as Shamanic. In this mystical,spiritual style I move the viewer to a deeper level of experience as the images transport one to other realms of existence, to places within and long forgotten. The images, energy and intent may also elicit a healing of sorts. By accessing deeper levels of awareness we become attuned to higher levels of ourselves and if the time is right we are able to heal our many facets of existence. My work has also been described as Contempory Southwest as well as Visionary.
My paintings are Mixed Media. I use watercolor, acrylic and 22K gold leaf. I have originals as well as Giclee prints that are hand embellished with 22k gold leaf available.
Most recently I was in the 2013 Ontario Open Art Exhibition at the Ontario Museum of History and Art in Ontario, Ca. This is the fifth time my work has been shown at this wonderful little gem of a museum.
For more information about myself and my art please contact me at 562--691-8273. Thank you and Walk in Beauty....

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4/25 - 5/26/2013...If anyone is in the vicinity of this museum in So Cal please check it out. I have a painting on exhibit there!
Ontario Museum of History and Art ...

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