Artist Statement -

Originally from Michigan, I now live in Montana where I studied under master woodcarver, Dan Schnetter. I have always been interested in modeling a shape from either wood or clay. I worked in commercial art in Denver in 1978-1979 and began sculpting seriously in clay for the past 12 years.

I have always had an intererst in the "Old West" and the diversified cultures that inhabited the plains. I study my subjects well and try to depict eye pleasing results and spirtual awareness in the sculptures I create. I sculpt with a realistic perspective. I hope to visually stimulate you to identify with each piece. To sense the pain, the joy and many journeys traveled. Look beyond lifes "template" - look into the soul! Feel the pride, the passion, the will to live!

All of my sculptures are finely detailed so that you may feel the message of each piece. I shape, smooth and etch each line & contour to depict the proud, the fight, the playful. Each piece is then taken to the foundry, and under my supervision, cast in bronze with various tones of Patina to clarify and bring out the effect I am looking for.

Each piece has a story that is sent with it - the reason why. I have researched each piece from libraries and archives to guarantee authenticity. All are limited editions.

Artist Exhibitions

I have shown at the Cherokee Heritage Museum for the past 4 years. I have also shown my sculptures in Arlington, Tx,; Kansas and New Mexico with the Texas Indian Market and Southwest Showcase.

One woman show - Oct. 2005 in Madill, OK
Received first place and have shown for the past 3 years at the Madill Art Show, Oklahoma.

- Kingston High School - "The Redskin" on commission for school mascot.

Exhibited at Landmark Bank, Madill Gallery and Gallery Plus.
Exhibited for the Chickasaw council members, the Governor has one on display.

- Libby fine arts show - 2009 - Featured artist
- Heritage Museum - 2010 - painted eagle display...

Artist Publications

Review "Chickasaw Times" - 2003 "Local artist sells Native American Sculptures. Presentation to Governor Anoatubby"
Review "Ardmorite" Newspaper - 2005 (Special Feature) "Endeavor to Persevere - a rich History" - Full page story and pictures of artists work.
The Madill Record - 2005 "Landmark Bank will exhibit the bronze sculptures of local artist Cheryl Ehmann at their Kingston Branch through the month of February and March.
The Madill Record - 2005 "Cheryl Ehmann has signed a contract with a Texas firm to do original pen and ink drawings. As well as her bronze sculptures, Cheryl does wonderful drawings using the ancient art of pen & ink. She is already working on several commissions."

Review - The Madill Record - 2004 "During the end of the 8th. Grade graduation, a bronze plaque of a Kingston Redskin was presented on behalf of the students. Mr. Monroe, the principal, was honored and accepted the plaque with sincere gratitude. Cheryl Ehmann presented him with the plaque and funded a portion of the foundry costs."

Artist Collections

Chickasaw Nation, Ada, Oklahoma
Ben Bell, Kingston, Oklahoma
Dr. Clint Riddle, Kingston, Oklahoma
Dr. Vannett, Kingston, Oklahoma
Carolyn Lilly, Kingston, OK...

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