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I was born and raised on the Island of Manhattan, NYC. My spirit learned early about the concrete jungle with its melting pot of cultures and the grand variety of NYC's architecture . It was at the age of 16 that I first traveled to the tropical green jungles OF THE Caribbean. I saw the turquoise seas, the foliage, the flowers when i felt the truth and beauty there overwhelming while inspiring me.
Seeing the flow of nature with its colors and harmonies,I feel to bring to life both on paper and canvas.
My true joy, comes from two things, the acutal art of painting of letting the spirit speak through my brush, and seeing that spirit reborn in the faces and hearts of the people who come to share my anonymous gift.

Artist Exhibitions

2019 March Festival of the Arts Las Olas Blvd. Fl
2019 Feb St Stephens Art Festival Coconut Grove, FL
2019 January Festival of the Arts Las Olas Blvd.
2019 January Festival of the Arts Delray Beach
2018 Home Design Remodel Show Wynwood Mana

2016 January
Festival of the Arts -Poster Artist-
Coral Gables

2015 November 7-8
South Miami Art Festival

2015 October 23-24
Festival of the Arts- Falls South Miami Florida

Artist in Residence on Oceania Cruise Ship Marina for 5 weeks, Sailed from Santiago Chile around the South Pacific, Easter Island, Robinson Crusoe Island, French Polynesian Islands, Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea, Rangiora, Fakarava, Bora Bora, American Samoa.. Painting and teaching guests how to see and draw and paint.

Artist in Residence on Oceania Cruise Ship on the Marina for 7 weeks, Sailed from southern France, all around Portugal, Spain, up Cote ZAzur, Italy, Greece, Montenegro, to Venice then around Mediterranean


Artist Publications

Mahogany Roatan, Honduras – Artwork for New Carnival Cruise Lines Terminal

Magazine Cover and article -2010 Delray Affair News Paper
April 1st, 2010
Cover of Magazine and Inside Article – 2010 Delray Affair Art Festival

Landfill Art – Painted metal hubcap
March 31st, 2010

I received a phone call from Ken Marquis from asking me if I wanted to participate and paint on a “hubcap” and save it from a landfill. Of course I said yes as it would be a great saving to our planet and also create “art”

“Lobster Claw on the Lily Pond” created with oils on metal.

The ultimate goals of this project are twofold. The first is to compile a book with the story and photos of the evolution of and the coming together of 1041 artists for a common cause, making great art out of rusted refuse. Only artists could lead such a charge. The other goal is to select 200 of these metal canvases to travel and inspire other such movements.

“I have found that the fine artists I have worked with on this project do not even flinch when looking at this white round disc of metal canvas. And why should they. Artists from the beginning of time have used cave walls (Lascaux, France and Altamira, Spain), walls of pyramids (Egyptians), animal skins (American Indians), etc… as their canvas.” Ken Marquis, founder

2010 Poster Artist The Delray Affair- Delray Beach, Florida "Yellow Beach House"

Jan 26, 27-2008

For Grove artist, "LIFE IMITATES ART"
Posted on Sun, Sep. 02, 2007

Eileen Seitz visited the Caribbean at age 21 and fell in love with the light and colors of the islands. She has captured the tropical scene in her bright watercolors.
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Eileen Seitz Fine Art

Prices: greeting cards, $3; posters, $30; paintings, $600 to $10,000; rugs start at $1,682 plus shipping. Call 305-443-1416.

Artist Eileen Seitz treats us to watermelon for breakfast in the house her architect husband, J Beattie, built for them in Coconut Grove. The home boasts enormous windows, soaring ceilings and a skylight that afford us a magnificent view of her tropical garden. It's a cozy place to be on a rainy morning. Her bright watercolors, hanging everywhere, appear to be an extension of the lush Grove setting. It's a matter of life imitating art.

In reality, Seitz was born into a world light years away from the tropical splendor she would later idealize in her paintings. Born and raised in Manhattan, her artistic bent surfaced early: she began drawing as a precocious 8-year-old and at 16 sold her first painting to a New York City art dealer. After high school, she was admitted to the prestigious Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, but she dreamed of faraway places and took time off to travel.

Her journey of discovery began at 21, when she visited the Caribbean and was immediately smitten with the light and colors of the islands. ''The tropics take me right back to the Garden of Eden,'' says Seitz. The trip became a sort of epiphany for her, so much so that she spent months living on the islands and even worked on a farm in Eleuthera.

With a friend, she hitchhiked through Mexico. ''I wanted to live the exact opposite of the concrete jungle,'' she said. ''I found the beauty of these places overwhelming.'' As she discovered this new world, she also began capturing its beauty on canvas. ''Each painting has a spiritual personality of its own, as the culture, climate and nature it rejoices in,'' Seitz said.

Seitz moved to Coconut Grove in the early '80s and began publishing her paintings as art cards, posters and prints. They have been commissioned for use as art festival posters, purchased for television and movies, and bought by international hotels and airports.

She was poster artist for the Beaux Arts and Goombay festivals, among others, and, not surprisingly, her tropical prints hang at the restaurants of the popular Pollo Tropical chain throughout the state. A few years ago, she branched into rug design. Made in Mexico of 100 percent New Zealand wool, the rugs are either based on her paintings or clients' requests. ''But I won't do coffee mugs or T-shirts,'' she grins. ``I don't want to see my work at a gas station on the Turnpike.''

But she did find her work on a beach in the Bahamas. A client called and asked, ''Would it be OK with you if I take your art and create a house?'' David Pauley had fallen in love with her painting, Sophia's Rest, a bucolic scene of two West Indian houses on the coast.

An engineer who lives in the Florida Keys, Pauley decided to build a house exactly like the Seitz painting that hung in his bedroom. ''My wife and I had always been fond of the Bahamas, so we took trips there looking for lots. I ended up commuting there for a year until the house was finished,'' he said.

''He even sent me the blueprints,'' Seitz recalled excitedly, 'and then some months later, I received an e-mail saying, `do you want to visit?' '' Pauley had duplicated her painting in Exuma, Bahamas.

''Marie and I contacted Eileen thinking she might be interested in someone nuts enough to build the house from one of her paintings in the Bahamas, so we invited her out to see the results,'' Pauley said.

''It was like walking into a dream,'' said Seitz, who spent several days in Exuma. ``I was sleeping in my own painting.''

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American Airlines Admirals Club, Miami, FL International Airport
Xcaret Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
2005 COVER ART for South Florida "NATURAL AWAKENINGS MAGAZINE" - "The Mango House"


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