Artist Statement -

Art must communicate ideas and have them received the way the artist intends, reaching as many viewers as possible to provoke an emotional response. If you go for those who are in the know about artistic periods, about current trends, and about a symbolic language that requires training to understand, then the artist will miss a huge audience. The artist then becomes a slave to styles created by others. If on the other hand, you work towards reaching multiple levels of viewers, then your task becomes more difficult, and at the same time, more fulfilling. An artist who creates a language will not fit into any already existing niche, and will alienate those looking for something they already know about, like gallerists, collectors and museums. Creativity, however, is like will find its way around such obstructions, and bring the artist satisfaction and a clientele that appreciates what they create without regard for what's in fashion. Most of all, this way of producing reflects the rarity of truth in a world mostly dedicated to superficial values.

Artist Exhibitions

Hotel Tharroe of Mykonos, Greece, Sept 2008 Mastercard, Rome, Italy 2007 Arkad Foundation, Seravezza, Italy 2007 Marco Island Foundation for the Arts, Florida, 2006 Il Bottaccio, Montignoso, Italy, 2005 Il Posto, Pietrasanta, Italy 2004
ArtExpo, San Francisco 2001
ArtExpo, New York 2002
Minima Gallery, Mykonos, Greece 2002
Ulisse, Seravezza, Italy 2003
Art Fusion, Boca Raton, FL 2003
Shacknow Museum of Fine Art, Plantation, FL 2003
Museo Dei Bozzetti, Pietrasanta, Italy, 1986, 1990, 1997
Museo Della Carta, Pescia, Italy 2000
Museo Del Pallazzo Gallio, Gravedona, Italy, 1992...

Artist Publications

...As we entered, it was love at first sight. This was what we had been looking for. The Harlequin's relaxed pose, the expression, the colored inlay subtly reflecting in the black pool of the marble base, made this a masterpiece of sculpture...
Martin Vlanderen, Bulage van de Gooi en Eemlander, August 1995 (Holland)...

Artist Collections

MUSA Museum, Pietrasanta, Italy
Downing Museum, Bowling Green, Kentucky
Andrea Bocelli, Vittoria Apuana, Italy
Museo dei Bozzetti, Pietrasanta, Italy
Museo della Carta, Pescia, Italy
Museo del Castello, Gravedona Italy
Shacknow Museum, Plantation, FL
Richard Mckenzie, Greenwich, CT
Umberto Sforza, Milan, Italy
Alabama Power, Birmingham, AL
Gewiss SPA, Bergamo, Italy
GCS Corp, Danbury, CT
Roger Moore, Monte Carlo, Monaco...

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