Photograph of Artist ELHAM MOAIDNIA
Dubai, - United Arab Emirates

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Elham Moaidnia; Basic Desire, 2016, Original Painting Oil, 60 x 160 cm. Artwork description: 241 Basic Desire, Social...
Elham Moaidnia
Original Oil Painting, 2016
60 x 160 cm (23.6 x 63.0 inches)
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Artist Statement

As an artist I find my passion lays within seeking new inspiration, and constantly creating unique artwork. A strong work ethic is a joy for me, as it reminds us all that persistent effort is required to build something for the future.

Rising above political issues, my goal is to visualize the world around me— telling its story through my painting. During my process I remind myself to be free, look for the magic in the world, and let the colors flow onto the canvas. I have a multitasking mind and am often inspired by calligraphy during a painting session. Rather than a burden, I find this conundrum fascinating and am constantly amused by my ability to supersede the boundaries of the medium.

I enjoy capturing a visual record of different generations, continuously as I encounter them. I turn them into conversations with my artwork and emphasize the effect of tradition.

Leveraging imagination and exaggerating reality to create a theatrical scene with my painting brings me joy. Crafting audience provoking thoughts with figures of happiness and grief are the key elements of my work. I view my technique as a modified style of traditional and narrative art....

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