Artist Statement -

Art for me is life. When I create a sculpture or a simple bowl, I feel alive. I like to create things that have feelings, emotions and motion.
I create two types of artworks, sculptures and pottery. In my pottery I express my raw ideas in irregular and often asymmetric shapes of vessels and combination of different glazes and colours. This gives me the time to control my emotions and excitement.
Each of my sculptures manifests a period in my life; emotions, everything I feel, see and experience.
Overtime my sculptures have transitioned from statements about restrictions in my life to ideas of freedom and breaking the barriers.
I get my ideas from everyday things I see in the streets, music I listen to, the news I read or a new artwork that catches my eye. I start making samples and experimenting with the idea and reading and researching about it until it becomes mature enough to build a sculpture.
I prefer clay as my main medium because it gives me freedom and allows to create any shape I desire and refine the shape as it dries.

Artist Exhibitions

The 8th contemporary Iranian Ceramic and Glass Biennial, Tehran,Iran 2006

The 10th national biennial of Iranian Contemporary Ceramic, Semnan,Iran 2011

Neel Art Gallery Group Exhibition, Tehran, Iran 2011

Pottery Expo at Warrandyte, VIC, Australia 2014

Valley potters “35 ON” at Wyreena Gallery , VIC, Australia 2014

A4 Art Australia in Herring Island Gallery Melbourne, VIC, Australia 2014

Annual& Awards Exhibition Melbourne, VIC, Australia 2014

Valley Potters “STIMULUS OF THE NEW” at Kingston art gallery, VIC
Australia 2014

“Narrative” Group Exhibition in Herring Island Summer Arts Festival, VIC Australia 2015

“A4” Group Exhibition in Herring Island Summer Arts Festival, VIC
Australia 2015

“Melbourne international flower and garden show” Group Exhibition in Melbourne, VIC Australia 2015


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