Artist Statement -

I was born in 1950 in the North East of Italy from a polish mother and a sicilian father.
I toured the world until I was 35, then I returned to Italy and picked up again my old passion painting and sculpture.
As for myself, I can only say thoughts and paintings, paintings and thoughts. Everything maybe useless, however everything is life.
�The human being leaves its signs, graffiti, indian dreams and imagination.
Now I only have left a few more possibilities to express the colors which are not.
Only the sign, scratched, angry or brushed is the witness.
The sign has passed from there and there it has lived.�
Emilio Merlina

Some hear if a door opens
Others hear a latch which opens or closes
Others more they hear the Angel when he turns over a page of the Great Book
From the novel Missa Sine Nomine
By Ernst Wiechert

I have words which relegate my hunger
And the hunger which owns my body but which do not confine them
I have words which are both my confined hunger and body
By the Italian poetess Paola Lovisolo

Artist Exhibitions

Festa dAutunno
Citt� di Spilimbergo Italy
in Casa Bevilacqua 181920 october 1996

Officina degli Angeli
Palazzo Lettimi 081297-080198
Rimini Italy

Artlives First International Exhibition Reconcilable Differences
The Jersey Galleries
Osterley Park House London UK
Wednesday 2nd April to Sunday 27th April 2003

ArteAdesso - Rottura della Marginalit� sotto il segno di Internet -
Palazzo Orgnani Martina
Venzone Italy 19 July - 09 August 2003

Ibere Camargo Gallery of the Cultural Center Usina do Gasometro
Porto Alegre, Brazil
August 5 to August 30, 2003
Featuring the works of the members of Artlives and the Chico Lisboa Artists Association of Rio Grande do Sul.

Orchestrazione 11 - recycleart - Porto dei Benandanti
October 18 to October 23 , 2003
Portogruaro Venezia Italy

Gomboc Gallery, Middle Swan, Western Australia
Featuring the works of the members of the Chico Lisboa Artists Association of Rio Grande do Sul and 20 guest artists from 11 nations around the world
February 2 to February 22. 2004

ARTEADESSO - Palazzo Frisacco a Tolmezzo
Tolmezzo UD Italy 133 - 313 2004

Queen Bs Gallery - Queen Charlotte City, British Columbia, Canada
June 2 to July 14, 2006
This international exhibit will see the works by the members of the International Miniart Exchange Group.

Art show...maybe... Mostra darte....forse...
Clauzetto Pordenone Italy 2006 August 080910

Orchestrazione 14 - Contrasti - Porto dei Benandanti
October 13 to October 19 , 2006
Portogruaro Venezia Italy

I Volti Del Sogno The Faces Of The Dream
solo exhibition 271006 - 261106
Palazzo Libera - Villa Lagarina - Trento Italy

4th International Miniart Exchange Group 2007
from March 5th 2007 to 6th April 2007
The Waterfront Hall, Belfast Northern Ireland.

The International Miniart Exchange starts being shown in some universities of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in a traveling project called PROJETO RS. The first show will take place from April 13 to May 6 in The Cultural Nucleus of UNIVATES - city of Lajeado, RS, Brazil. It comprises the works shown in the 1st and 2nd Miniart Brazil and Australia, with works donated by the artists to the Chico Lisboa Association.

March 3 to March 27, 2008Bournemouth Central Library � Bournemouth, England
Local Coordination � James Foster, UK
Featuring artists from 12 different countries and 100 works.

With the partnership of Chico Lisboa Association
Exhibition through various cities
Starting May 16, 2008 in Gualeguaychu
Local Coordination � Raul Albanece, Argentina
Featuring 106 artists from 13 different countries

Permanent exhibition
Esposizione di dipinti di Maestri del xx secolo
Oltre 350 opere di artisti friulani e nazionali.
Comune di Spilimbergo Palazzo Piva Italy
Private collection

Beyond the Curtains
Solo show 18 - 30 September 2010
Art Gallery LEscale
Spilimbergo PN Italy

Punctum - Contrapunctum
Georgian National Museum - National Gallery - Tblisi
International Collective
Digital art and Photography
June 2012 - July 2012
Artists from USA , France , Italy , Switzerland , India , Azerbaijan , Austria , Germany , Portugal , Macedonia , Spain , Great Britain , The Philippines , Georgia .

Artisti Friulani
Mostra darte
Curatore il collezionista darte Paolo Martina
July 2013 August 2013
Casa Boter Povolaro PN Italy

Punctum contra Punctum II
01 Sep. 2013 � 15 Sep. 2013
Georgian National Museum
Dimitri Shevardnadze National Gallery presents
International festival of visual arts Punctum Contra Punctum II.
The project ,,Punctum Contra Punctum II represents the resistance of contexts. West European, American, Latin American and Georgian artists represent their works in Painting, sculpture, photography, light art, video art, photo collage and multimedia

Punctum contra Punctum II American Edition
Sidney Berne Davis Arts Center
Fort Myers Florida USA
From December 11th 2013 through December 30th 2013
International exhibition project

Sweet Art Gallery in Naples, Florida on Friday, February 7, 2014. The invigorating exhibition of paintings and photography entitled CONTINUUM is curated by the American curator Richard Tooke, MFA. Retired Director MoMA and will feature the work of 14 internationally acclaimed artists. Alex Berdysheff- Georgia, Nicholas West Berdysheff - Georgia, Patricia Frida - Austria, Antonio Guerrero - Cuba, Marco Nicolas Heinzen - Switzerland, Evelin Juen - Austria, Maria Fernanda Lairet - Venezuela, Rainer Lagemann- Germany, Michael Vincent Manalo - The Philippines, Emilio Merlina - Italy, Edouard Mortec - France, Andreas Oetker-Kast - Germany, Michael St Amand - United States of America, Steve Tobin - United States of America. Ranked as the largest gallery in Southwest Florida, The Sweet Art Gallery features original artwork representing over 50 National, International and Local Artists, with over 6,000 square feet of original art. The gallery is located in the Design District at 2054 Trade Center Way Naples, Naples Florida 34109. Sweet Art Gallery is open to the public Monday � Friday 11-4p.m. and Saturday, by appointment. Opening Reception Friday, February 7, 2014 600PM-800PM

Donne Di ombra
Solo show
From March 02th 2018 through March 25th 2018
Casello di Guardia Porcia PN Italy


Artist Publications

The figures populating the artist'world are slim and lengtned,knights coming from an irreal past that reminds,melancholy and beauty,Don Chisciotte of Cervantes.Althought they have helmets and swords,the knights of Merlina do not seem interested to duels,but to the travel,as unique real aim of existence.A incessant peregrination at the research of something indefinite:the serenity,a lost dream,a nightmare or a far music.To the travel's theme alternate reflections about impalpable realities and the same knights,presented before as valorous traveller,become reflective and sad,accompanied by a red violin or dominated by a big dark crove,or,after,like explorators:we can find them opening new doors on the ondiscovered worlds,trying to indagate about what is more understandable :themselves.The beauty of these operas can be noticed immediately,the brigthening colours and the figures capture the attention of the public in an anomalous dimension,where errant knights make improbable wars against windmills and they get defeated.Protagonist absolut so is the phantasy,the imagination,not only of the author,but also of whom,observing the works,can imagine a possible history.


Artist Collections

Christopher V.
Barcelona España. Soenen Hendrik NV . Izegem Belgium ....

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