Artist Statement -

I started painting in 2004, just before my film-making studies at the University of Montreal. Although guided by plain curiosity in the beginning, painting quickly transformed into an intriguing new field of artistic possibilities. To this day I have more ideas than time to work on them, but I try to be disciplined and paint on a daily basis.

So far my work has been characterized by an extensive use of colored lines that define planes, surfaces and volumes. These lines and brushstrokes are to me like force fields that give form to the material world we live in. By drawing them I feel as if I took part in the creation of physical objects, as if I participated in the construction of the physical world. In that sense my paintings feel very close to sculpture. I don't copy what I see, I make my own the forms of the world. I infuse them with intention, direction, energy, personality and color, and I delight in the conflicts, contrasts and surprises that arise from the many parts of the painting, as if shapes strove to define themselves, as if they wanted to find the perfect place and the perfect way of being within the painting.

I am currently working on a series of paintings that will use these ideas to explore the artificial world of the city. We spend our lives in professionally designed environments in which all objects, spaces and sights are the product of design and architecture. What's the nature of those new landscapes? Where do their forms come from? How do they define our lives? What's the place of the human being in those spaces? Those are the questions I want to explore over the coming months, so please come back often to see new works that I will be posting regularly.

Artist Exhibitions

6 février, 2009: Massiv & toiles, exposition collective et show multidisciplinaire. L'événement aura lieu au Eastern Block, 7240 rue Clark (métro De Castelnau) à partir de 19h. Le prix d'entrée est de $10.

February 4, 2009: Image of the Invisble Art Exhibit & Fundraiser on behalf of the Montreal Children's Hospital. The show and silent auction will be held at Le Social (1455 Bishop Street, Montreal) from 7:00pm to 11:00pm. Come join us! Tickets are on sale at $10. The Facebook event is here.

2008 - 2009: Some of my paintings are on display at Galerie Zone Orange located in Montreal's Old Port. The address: 410 St-Pierre, Montreal.

4 décembre 2008: Peintures récentes. Exposition dans le cadre de l'innauguration du centre Chat des Artistes, à Montréal....

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