Artist Statement -

I am a Finnish Ceramic Artist living and working in a small town Tolfa about 70 km North of Rome in Italy.In this peaceful and beatiful Etruscian hillarea I have built my studio,where I create functional and non-functional works using basicly Limoge-porcelain and stoneware clays.Most of my works are eather slip-casted or mold-pressed,but I also enjoy doing experiments with different kind of clays and working methods,as well as firing techniques such as Raku- and primitive-firing.
One can notice a strong Scandinavian,Finnish,influence in my works,but there is also a slight Mediterranean touch as well.Through my works I try to speak about my experiences and memories,where the nature is always present.
I also offer in my studio various types of ceramic courses and workshops for professional and beginners.I enjoy to collaborate with other ceramists and art fields to be able to share experiences and get new ideas.
I have studied ceramics boath in Finland and in Italy.I am a member of the Finnish Association of Artists and Designers.Since 1998 I have partecipated in several personal and selected group exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

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