Artist Statement -

Safra suffuses her work with a loving and caressing texture-pigment swept across formica or canvas giving a silken sheen to the surfaces.

Her large images were brought about by early influnces surfacing from her subconcious and instrumental to a great creative output.

Her art reflects her response to others and her feelings for humanity.

Artist Exhibitions

Arnot Museum, USA

Bevier Art Gallery, USA
Rochester Institute of Technology

Art Gallery of Plattsburg, USA
State University of New York

Sarnia Art Gallery, Canada

Art Gallery of Hamilton, Canada

Sudbury Museun, Canada

Bronfman Center Gallery, Canada

Lyman Ally Museum, USA

Tom Thompson Memorial Art Gallery, Canada

De Souza Gallery, Chester, England

De Souza Gallery, Chester England (Two exhibitions)

Gallerie Place Royale, Montreal

Whitney Gallery, Montreal

Collectors Gallery

Montreal Fine Arts Museum

Quebec City Art Museum

Ottawa National Gallery

Readers Digest Acqusitions

Hamilton Art Gallery Canada

Niagara Falls Art Museum

Gallery 93, Ottawa

Pascal Gallery, Toronto

Waterloo Art Gallery, Kitchner Canada

Art Gallery of Stratford, Ontario....

Artist Publications

The Spectator ARTVIEW: Jenny Sheppard
Hamilton Art Gallery.

Safra: "Uncanny atmospheric painting."

Niagara Falls Gallery: Review E Johnston.

"Safra's work highly surrealstic and modern. She makes great use of color."

The Robert McLaughlin Gallery:

"Safra completed her art studies at the Ontario College of Art and the Artists Workshop. Using India ink and gold leaf, the artist achieves enchanting
effects through her highly imaginative works immaculately executed with great relish for detail."

Art and Culture Center, Miami Florida
Art On Display:

"Ms Safra's images have a creative output depicting human behaviour in all it's absolute forms."

Bronfman Center. Montreal, Quebec

"Safra's stark reality is embellished with jewel like decoration and surface pattern."


Artist Collections

R.C.A. Victor. Montreal, Canada

Readers Digest. Montreal, Quebec.

Niagara Falls Art Museum and Gallery. Ontario Canada

Sir Wilford Jacobs, Govenor of Antigue, BWI

New Brunswick. Canada

Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery. Canada

Oakville Centennial Art Gallery. Ontario,Canada

Woodstock Art Gallery. Ontario,Canada

Montreal Museum of Fine Art. Montreal

Art Gallery of Brantford. Ontario, Canada.

Kitchner Waterloo Gallery. Ontario, Canada

Numerous private collectors


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