Artist Statement -

Between abstract and concrete, rough strokes and elegance, momentum and peace, Im trying to find a perfect balance and create an intriguing spiritual scenery that people yearn for.

Inspired by outer space, waves, clouds, winds, fire, flowers
combined with rational contrast between birth and oblivion, power and retreat, warmth and coldness, I created my unique style of oil painting which is both free and well-controlled.

Besides, as a Chinese female artist familiar with western culture, I paint with both oriental and western characteristics. And my strength in languages makes my paintings highly narrative and organized in a grammar my talent in music add a good rhythm to my paintings...

Guangzhou International Art Expo 2018, autumn China

In addition to oil painting digital painting, I also play Guqin an ancient Chinese string music instrument listed on UNESCO intangible heritage list. My original music album is available on Soundcloud. httpsoundcloud.compangpai
Eight of my English poems e.g. Change of sea color is skys mood... were published in three American magazinesAutumn Leaves, Blazevox and American Diversity Report .
Im also a freelance Chinese-English translator and interpreter in Beijing. Books translated by me from English to Chinese include 101 Tips for Fantasy Painters, Digital Painting for Complete Beginner and Women who love too much.

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