Artist Statement -

First prize and winner: "Unesco 2002" Photo Contest, organized by the United Nations. A photograph taken into one of the Italian Sites inscribed in the Unesco World Heritage List in occasion of the "International Year for the Cultural and Natural Heritage".
The Prize has been awarded by Mario Verdone (president), Carla Fracci, Licia Borrelli Vlad, Silvana de Stefano and Alessandro Iovinelli.
The winning photo was taken in Matera "Matera's Stones" and will be reproduced on the Unesco Official poster 2003.

Winner of one of the prizes: "Lorenzo il Magnifico" for the Digital Art, section Photography. Prize won in occasion of the third International Biennial of Contemporary Art, city of Florence 2001. Prize awarded by David S. Rubin, Curator of Visual Arts, Contemporary Arts Center, (New Orleans) and by John T. Spike (Director)

Tourist photographer "on assignment" from Italy, for the Washington Post -Travel Edition -
Official photographer for the ex Canadian runner, Ben Johnson.
Cooperation with the American on line feminine Magazine "Ladyfire".
Cooperation with the Italian national photographic magazine "Fotocine"

Advertising Campaigns:
2000 AD. Editorial Campaign shown for one year on the monthly magazine ?Ville & Casali? for a famous Italian ceramic producer based in Vietri.

-Invite received from the Arts Director of the ?American Academy in Rome? to attend an academic year (Fulbright certification).
-Compliments and appreciations from the Associated Press Italy Photo Editor.
-Cooperation with "Worthington Agency? based in New York and Riyad.
-Interviews and articles written about me, and appeared in Italian and not Italian art and and photographic Magazines.

Personal datas and Stock pictures stored, in case of needs, into the following databases:
·Institute of Artistic Editions: ?Fratelli Alinari?, Florence
·Washington Post Travel, Washington
·National Geographic Traveller, Washington
·Associated Press, New York, Rome
·Donna Moderna

Artist Exhibitions

Naples (Borgo Marinari)
Cultural Association Evaluna
2001 Ljubiana (Slovenia) Second World Festival Of Art On Paper Sorrento (Saint Francesco cloister)
Ischia (Pithecusae Museum)
Florence (Third International Biennial Of Contemporary Art)

Artist Publications

Luciano D’Alessandro wrote:

These "compositions", as Fabrizio Fiorenzano prefers to define the result of his work, find an illustrious predecessor in the history of figurative arts in the photo montage, that shows an image obtained at shoot-time or print-time by patching together various images in different ways; a practice that has been around since the early days of photography and is still in use today where it is used to expressive purposes.

The most famous artist in this field that we have record of was John Heartfield (1891-1968), author of a large number of satyric works targeting the German Nazi government, made in collaboration with George Grosz who also helped found and support the Berlin Dada group of artists, around the end of the '10s during the last century. One of the most well-known works by John Heartfield, entitled "Once during the Middle Ages, so now under the III Reich" shows a man crucified on a swastika.

Today's skillful usage of the computer as employed by Fabrizio Fiorenzano, who uses it to put together the pictures he chooses for his compositions makes the old photo montage technique appear like a tender old relative who, after having started a path with an idea and then walked it for a good distance, generously enables us to continue walking it by different means. Indeed, the results achievable through electronics are amazing for number of colours, infinitely adjustable shades, transparent veils, number of usable backgrounds, available filters, range of effects and much more - all tools that are not available in the darkroom and that can be precisely applied at each instance, without the unpredictability of chemicals.

Fascinating world of possibilities in which creativity, talent, emotion and synthetical skills get along perfectly with intelligence, reflection, technique and play. The result of Fabrizio's work appears consolidated by now, and if we abandon ourselves to the reading of his works packed with atmosphere and deep tension in regards to the inequality of the world, the woman's condition in third world countries and the obtuseness of wars, as well as beauty, nature, abstractions, dream and contradictions, then we can enjoy the enchanted birth of an "image of images" which allows us to raise our awareness and communicate without words.

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