Artist Statement -

Why painting?
For the desire of a deep knowledge of things.
Painting, for me, is not only communication, but almost an additional sense, a further perception of world, of the real and of the imaginary, of the material and of the dream, of the objective and of the individual.
Painting is for me the place of the revelation, of the primary reflection.
As a self taught artist, I have been painting and drawing since I can remember – this is a part of me.
I have discovered that Art Wanted is the opportunity to share this part with somebody else, from all over the world, trying to understand, to give a sense to our imagination and needs.


Artist Exhibitions

april 21st - 30th 2015 "PROFILES OF ART" LONDON UK

december 9 2008 - january 6 2009
Solo exhibition
"What we admire about the body is more than just its beautiful shape: it is the radiance of an inner flame which illuminates the body." RODIN

Le corps est un moulage où s'impriment les passions.

Il appartient à l'artiste de faire avec beaucoup de choses, une autre, unique et de la plus petite partie d'une chose, un monde.


Artist Publications

A sinuous, soft and continuous line defines a woman's features, that woman for wich's possession the best mythological pages have been written.
The amber-coloured and shining complexion caresses with sweetness these nudes, creating sensual shaded corners, where the minds of the painter and of the public hesitate...

Maestro Giuseppe Muscio - Painter

Manuela Facchin Varalda

critical text
Valter Guglielmetti

Manuela Facchin Varalda's painting comes from the desire of a deep knowledge of things.
In her canvas the recall to the Great Masters' painting echoes, still being her a figuration casted in the becoming of an ever inexhausted research.
The virtuosity of the sign, the chromatic richness, the tecnical knowledge act as a support to an inquiry on the human and on the way to put oneself in front of the big existence's interrogatives.
In this field, the representation of “different” subjects is not a simple reference to a past orientalistic bent, nor mere ethnic folklore fascination, but a continuous attempt to arrive to the essence of the human nature, beyond the superstructures that the social living has imposed.
In her specific language, color becomes, in his expressive valence, instrument of a more direct involvement of the observer towards the artwork.
Here are therefore the ranges of saturated reds, distinguishing mark of her most intimist paintings, in which the painter is closer to the subject.
Here are the glazings, the “glacis”, the dissonances of an intense and meaningful chromatism.
The amber skins of the exotic beauties, at a close up examination, reveal the thousand gradations that the artist creates; light is the instrument that grants a desire of cognitive deepening.
In the oil painting, reality dissolves and recomposes itself transfigured in it representation, almost provided with a new, independent existence, translated in the pictorial expression.
In front of her still lives, one can perceive the artist's need to pass the mere real appearence to reach the nature's stuff, her “Poetry of the Real”.
In the “Reflects” series, Manuela stops on the “Soul's Graphy” that every face reveals, in nearly monochromatic and strongly shaded images and the subject seems to become liquid substance, that goes beyond the canvas' boundaries, to arrive like an ephemeral reflect, never making itself stuff.

Valter Guglielmetti


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