Artist Statement -

To me the creative process is a necessity as important to living as eating and sleeping. My work swims in abstraction as I feel that only the abstract can portray the complex nuances of life in our current society; the mysterious, the confusing, the unanswered. The goal of my work is to not only make some sense out of these life consuming uncertainties but also to direct this disharmony towards positivism. In this sense I feel it is my responsibility to continue to use art as a springboard to creating harmony in the human condition.

I work with photograms- an alternative photographic process. Photograms are created by exposing different light sources and patterns directly onto photographic paper. I use a live model, who physically lies on the light sensitive paper, in an attempt to not only keep the theme focused on humanity but also to portray the beauty of the human form and therefore, the beauty and positivism that we all have within us. I work in periods of large productive creation followed by long periods of thought provoking analysis. The entire process is done in complete darkness and, as a result of directly exposing light to the paper, leaves no negative- each photogram reflecting the beautiful unique in every human being as every piece is one of its kind. After copy slides are made the work gets digitized and goes through a series of size/color/value changing processes and limited edition prints are made.

My work has progressed from the stagnant, portraying potential energy into movement and kinetic energy which I believe to be a truer representation of the power within us. I have moved from simply trying to control light sources on paper to an exploration and visual representation of what people call the true self, the essential self, the soul of a person. I believe this true self to be the essential link which interconnects all human beings. My infatuation with the spiritual and beautiful connection of all humans comes from both a near death experience that I occurred in young adulthood as well as my unquenchable yearning to bring harmony to our discordant species. Through my art I am attempting to challenge the idea that as both a species and world society we have created a pattern evil, greed, violence and negativity. My ruling of a successful piece is one that visually, (through color, shape, form), portrays the beauty, harmony and positivism that I believe lives within all of us.

Artist Exhibitions

4/00 Washington, DC, Perma Washington Gallery, American University, Solo Show
3/01 Bethesda, MD, Fraser Gallery, International Juried Show
9/03 Alexandria VA, The Art League, Juried Show
Honorable Mention Award
10/03 Bethesda, MD, Washington School of Photography, National Juried Show
12/03 Bethesda, MD, Neptune Gallery, Holiday Group Show
12/03 Alexandria, VA, The Art League, Juried Show
1/04 Alexandria, VA, The Art League, Juried Show
Honorable Mention Award
3/04 Alexandria, VA, The Art League, Juried Show
3/04 Bethesda, MD, Neptune Gallery, Solo Show
4/04 Bethesda, MD, Neptune Gallery, Group Show
5/04-2/06 Washington, DC, Member: Spectrum Gallery- ongoing
5/04 Lincoln, ME, Period Gallery, International Juried Show
Award of Excellence
1/05 Washington, DC, Spectrum Gallery, 2-Person Show
2/05 Bethesda, MD, Neptune Gallery, Group Show
7/05 Washington, DC, DFI International, Group Show
9/05 MD, College of Art & Design, 2-Person Show
Lecture Given to College- Honorarium Received
11/05-9/06 Washington, DC, Member: Studio Gallery, ongoing
12/05 Washington DC, Studio Gallery Group Show
1/06 Washington DC, Studio Gallery Group Show
2/06 Bethesda MD, Neptune Gallery, Cupidity-Group Show
2/06 Washington, DC, Touchstone Gallery, National Juried Show
3/06 Bethesda, MD, Gallery Neptune, Group Show
5/06 Nashville, TN, Dangenart Gallery, International Juried Show
6/06 Richmond, VA National Juried Show
6/06 Abiline, TX, Solo Show
7/06 Washington, DC, Studio Gallery, New Members Solo Show
8/06 Denver, CO, Remmi Fine Art Gallery, 2-Person Show
9/06 Weymouth, MA, South Shore Art Center, Photography Now National Juried Show
9/06 Bethesda, MD, Gallery Neptune, Solo Show
9/06 Charleston, SC, Modernisme, The Gallery at Avondale, Grand Opening Preview Show
10/06 Marin County, CA, Marin Society of Artists National Exhibition
12/06 Chelsea, NYC, KFMK Galleries, Solo Show

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