Artist Statement -

My path to pinhole has been long. I had been photographing for 20 years, trying to make photos that embodied the beauty of the world. Sometimes I was successful, sometimes not, but I didn't feel fully engaged in my photography. I felt that I wanted to make meaningful photographs, so I began to really work at it. I shot hundreds of rolls of film and made thousands of digital exposures. I did what thousands of other photographers have done and made photographs like thousands of others .

But that's not what I wanted. So I came to pinhole.

Pinhole is my way to show the true condition of the natural world, unsteady and uncertain, illusory and ephemeral. Just as when we are immersed in a stream, we do not notice the individual drops of water - we feel "water". Over time, we do begin to notice distinct currents in the larger stream.

My pinhole photography is an attempt to communicate the entirety of my surroundings - not as separate parts, but as that flowing wholeness.

Artist Exhibitions

2003 Solo Exhibition, Dao School, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
2003 Group Exhibition of photographs school graduates, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
2004 Group Exhibition from Baykal expedition, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
2005 Solo Exhibition, Togliatti Literary room, Russia
2006 Group Exhibition abstract painting, Togliatti, Russia
2006 Group Exhibition of art association "Solaris", Togliatti, Russia
2007 Group Exhibition b/w "Format", Togliatti, Russia
2007 "Coover" Group Exhibition, Togliatti, Russia
2008 Pinhole Exhibition, Minsk, Belarus
2008 Pinhole Solo Exhibition, Togliatti, Russia
2008 Group Exhibition of art association "Art of Inspiration", NY, USA
2009 Group Exhibition of art association "Art of Inspiration", Moscow, Russia
2009 Pinhole Solo Exhibition, Moscow, Russia
3rd Polish Festival of Pinhole Photography OFFO 2009...

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