Artist Statement -

In all of my current work I basically use the same technique with a few variations of the materials. I approach works on paper in the same way as works on canvas using different kinds of paper mostly transparent and creating layers by juxtaposing various qualities of paper and colour.
During this process I start working on the composition which sometimes can be covered up and later again be revealed somewhat changed. This way the work is kept fluent, continually changing.
Inks, acrylic paint, oil crayons, watercolour pencils, charcoal are used to achieve desired effects.

A few words about the subject
For many years I've been painting figures of women. These women have been changing and growing at the same time I did, expressing things I felt.
There are different series of works presented here but their subject is relative as the main theme deals with mirrors.
A mirror may not actually be depicted in every work but what is pictured can be seen as a mirror image, even as an image of the spectator

Artist Exhibitions

Selected Exhibitions

1985 “Diagonios” Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
1989 “The River Aliakmon”, “Diagonios” Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
1997 “Anny Balta” Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
2000 “Anny Balta” Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
2003 “Dining”, The Ianos Art Gallery, Thessaloniki Greece
2006 “Awakenings”, Ianos Art Gallery, Athens, Greece
2007 “Mirrors”, 3rd Story Telling Festival of mount Olympus, Kallipefki, Greece

Selected Group Exhibitions

1979 Art Show, Pallazo Cenci, Rome, Italy
1980-1989 Group Shows in “Diagonios” Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
1999 “Myth, A Line Hanging In Time”, Exostis Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece

2001 Minature Art, Vafopoulio Art Center, Thessaloniki, Greece
2002-2004 “Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body”, International Peripheral Exhibition of Plastic Arts
2003 “Woman, a subject of inspiration and as creator”, Casa Bianca, Thessaloniki, Greece
2006 “Memories of Dining’’ Byzantine Museum of Veria
2006 “The Collection”, Viannou Pinacotech, Crete
2006 “66 Women Create in Thessaloniki”, Casa Bianca, Thessaloniki, Greece
2006 “Myrofores”, Ianos Art Gallery, Athens, Greece
2007 “Heterotopias” 1st Biennale of Contemporary Art organized by the Contemporary Museum of Thessaloniki
2007 “Light”, 42nd Dimitria in Thessaloniki, Greece

2000, Anny Balta Gallery
“…Female figures seem to participate in a silent drama played in familiar spaces. A landscape is seen through an open window, in the background giving a feeling of freedom against the dead-end of closed space circulating the women.”

2003, Ianos Art Gallery
«Ãåýìáôá» - Dining
Interior, I came home late, duet, apple, bird, dream, longing, fish, paper, word, table, dinner, knife, cruel, I opened the door, together, fry, strangers, loneliness, family, domesticity, marriage, children, free, with my key, dark, fear, purple, follow the colors, reach the end, disillusionment, and I noticed that I was looking for my key, passion, white, brown and black, shell, circle, death, past, remember, That I needed a key, oblivion, revelation, abandonment, resignation, to get into the house, quiet, why don’t you say something?
The underlined passages are from the poem “Cronos” (Saturn), by G&<252;nter Grass


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