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Artist: Frans Kat

Throughout more than twenty-eight years as a glass artist, Frans Kat has been working predominantly in stained glass for residential, commercial and architectural settings.

These windows have often incorporated the highly specialised art of kiln-fired glass painting and staining. His strong interest in contemporary glass design has created many opportunities while his traditional training has allowed him to adapt well to projects which demanded a more traditional design approach.

Frans has been involved in some of South Australia’s major church window restoration and conservation projects, during his long career.
He has glass works in many private stained glass collections Australia-wide, as well as some in Belgium, The Netherlands and Great Britain.

His recent interests also include sculptural, fused glass pieces, combining glass and metal as well as architectural etched glass panels which include various techniques such as painting and lamination.

In the occassional pauses between commissioned work, Frans often designs and paints small free-hanging "autonomous" stained glass windows which are ellaboratly hand-painted, small scale works which can be hung in front of a window rather than being installed into fixed frames. In these pieces Frans develops his personal themes, free from the architectural restraints of commissioned work.

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