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Fumagine is to paint with a flame, a sculpture of soot, an installation of smoke. It's no more or no less. Begun in 1976, Belgium was only with this "figurative" technique that probably would have been no goal without a cross pass from Yves Klein who created Art with fire. Only later frans learned also know the other three masters of the quartet from the zero period, Aubertin, Peeters and especially Otto Piene - the biggest idol of Frans.
Frans Frengen has his noted fumagine - blue recovered in his experiments; it was precisely a blue like the other blue from his predecessor Yves Klein; associated as a complementary color to the color of soot so that he sees the possibility of being on a beach, walk a tide line of grains to approach contemporary art with the light in and on the soot that is recognized universally in each exhibition space and even in the universe by creating.
In soot collected, Frengen, sees elements of figuration that are extremely varied. It's like an author he paints, draws and sculpts simultaneously, poetic, contemporary, recognizable, breathtaking shades with soot, sculpting with stains and holes. He add some colors, some moveable squares for interaction and also some DNA. "Let me say that I preach "The Praise of Folly" by Erasmus," are the words of Frengen.
By looking at the compact images of the subconscious Frans sees images with a new view of reality. It is by reproducing what he sees and feels that he can create fair and ambiguous images. Indeed, to paint the visible and invisible, described by a international master in the art history.
"More intense and broader than what I can afford," said Frans, " Moving under the work gives me freedom, I feel myself as a partner of the painting. I can walk around and react from all positions, from the four winds , millimeter by millimeter. I do not need to step on the canvas thanks too action painting and painting the vaults of the Sistine Chapel. And even as the master of cubism it is a feast to be undisturbed at the edge of the abyss of falsehood.
I'll make the opposite of dripping colors, the opposite of abstract (that does not exist in this sense according to the master of cubism). It is like to search the opposite with or without an ear. "

some quotes of frans frengen:

"The only advantage of contemporary art is that they do not have to show what contemporary art was."
“I have hated art to kill for all she did to me, but each time I love her as much for all she is."
” “Memory lives, but you were too late to collect her”.
“I am the puppet of my subconscious, but I decide about the strings.”
”Art is like you unbend, a shot in the bull's eye.” . (ATIM Magazine: "TOP 60 MASTERS OF CONTEMPORARY ART")

Artist Exhibitions

31/01 - braodcasting frans frengen RING TV; zina.
25/01 - Art Los Angeles Contemporary Art: featured artist frans frengen
13/01/2013 - one page and more in Art Tour International Magazine. Masters of Contemporary Art.
11/01/2013 - 12/04/2013 - Dutch BIENNALE Delft.1 price of the owner. Mention of the jury. With alot of beautiful words... no award.

01/12/2012-10/12/2012 - "Cutting Edge" masters of contemporary art. Italy ( Florence) + book about contemporary masters "International Arttour Magazine New York".
- October uitgave: Arttour International Fine Art Magazine New York: frans frengen's 2nd. place
20/09/2012 - announcement: winners of the international fine art competition " Consciuous creation": 2th place/ 250.
23/06 - 12/07 - Italy: Lecce... primo piano livingallery " les enfants terribles"
02/06 - 22/06 - Italy: Lecce... primo piano livingallery " Physiogonomies" (An Honor In this exh. was "the kiss" of Andy Warhol.)
04/2012- 20/09/2012 - Duisland ( Mannheim): Gallery Böhner
01/03/ - 10/03/2012 - Italy:Florence (Al Duomo) Vivid Arts Network IT. and ARTTOUR magazine.NY." Retrospective"
29/02/ 2012 - 1 page in ARTTOUR magazine International of NY ...
04/2012- 09/2012 - Duisland ( Mannheim): Gallery Böhner.

27/10/2011 – Nocturne: Antwerp "Galerie Ludwig Trossaert"
24/10/2011 - Italy: Vivid Art Network: " Featured artist of the week.
07/10/2011 - 29/10/2011 - "Galerie Ludwig Trossaert"; Antwerp: exhibition.
03/08/2011 - 27/08/2011 - Galerie Ludwig Trossaert; Antwerp: summerexhibition ( group).
14/07 - 30/09 - Italië: Hotel Ferrara, Largo Costello, 36. Vividartsnetwerk).
29/05/2011- 31/08/2011 - Portugal 3th exhibition Lissabon ( Portugal).Galeria Colorida de arte. (END)
12/06/2011 - Zundert (Netherlands.. of Vincent Van Gogh).
07/05/2011 - 13/07 - Italy ( Ferrara): Estense Castle. exhibition " Here Now" ( Vivid Arts Network)
05/05/2011 - Italy ( Bologna): Listing artists TIA
09/04/2011-21/04/2011 - Italy ( Bologna): Galleria De' Marchi (Trevisan International Art 2011)
26/04/2011- .../05/2011 - PROLONG Lissabon ( Portugal).Galeria Colorida de arte. (exhibition)
09/04/2011-23/04/2011 - Lisboa ( Portugal).Galeria Colorida de arte. (exhibition)
19/10/2010 - 10/2011 - NEW YORK: by Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art, INC.
16/09/2010 - 09/2011 - Ixora "flower Art" Wemmel: Markt 66. 03/09/2010 - 19/09/2010 - CCGérard Walschap Londerzeel; exhibition.
17/07/2010 - 29/08 - Watou Front-art, exhibition 2 locations ( graanschuur and Douviehoeve
27/06/2010 - work for exhibition in Watou for Front-art ( with KVBKB);
5 - 6/06/10 - The Netherlands; evenement: "KUNST IN ZICHT";on the Island Marken.
30/04 - 29/05/2010 - Gent Citadelpark CAT( near the museum SMAK) exhibition.
19/03 - 10/04/2010 - Galerie Ludwig Trossaert; Antwerp (B): exhibition.
16/01/2010 - 10/04/2010 - Rotterdam COOPvaert; Netherlands. Kunst aan de kade
01/01/2010 - 31/01/2010 - Ostend: Galerie Theobald's Boothuisje. frans frengen
07/11 - 27/12/2009 - Amsterdam( The Netherlands): Waterland Art Gallery; Al Broek in Waterland:
03/10 - 31/12/2009 - Ostend: Galerie Theobald's Boothuisje. 31/05 - 30/09/2009 - Ostend:(prolong) Galerie Theobald's Boothuisje.
05/06 - 07/07/2009 - NEW York: Amsterdam Whitney Fine Art Gallery, Chelsea, New York :
Promotion for one year( 2010 31/05 - 30/08/2009 -
Ostend: Galerie Theobald's Boothuisje. (a work outside en inside the gallery.)
25/02 -, (Brugge)
2008 - BB-Art decor:- The Chinounck (coca-cola 4m/2m) - The study of MegaMindy - also paintings, sculptures
25/08/2007 - group; cc.Malderen; "it used to be..."
2007 - Galerie 1225 ART & VIN, Québec; Canada ( Selected by jury and committee for exhibitions
09/02/2007 - solo; "cultuurhuis Gerard Walschap"
17/08/06 - Art Salon Holland
09/07/06 - 03/09/06 exhibition " gallerie de oude barrier"
04/2006 - 4 Roses Art Gallery (permanence:
04/2006 - Fine Arts Online Gallery Castor & Pollux
02/2006 -"humorfestival" in Knokke
2003 - the art gallery online:"www.Kunstsite" and "Art-Belgium."
2000 - (19-01-2000)A letter from: J HOET.( conservator SMAK.)
” We believe in the intrinsic quality of your work. We would ask you to inform us
about your steps in the future; keep in touch.”.
Also favourable letters from a few French galleries.
1998 - Ganshoren , strips.
1996 - the sulpture: "de ontknoping" gets its fixed place at the "O.C.M.W. Londerzeel"
1987 - and others: (selections, jury and exhibition at) the festival of humour in Knokke, political cartoon of Knokke, exhibition of wild works with my friend Javar. My picture “ de ontknoping” gets much praise of Henri Lanoy.
-1985 Londerzeel:OUT of the ACADEMIC direction with an exhibition “everything can be differently”. My first “fumagine” work of 1978 was exhibited.
80 - `85 - several selections and exhibitions. Great competition of Ostend, competition of Ronse, Ninove, Strombeek, Bellegem, Buggenhout, exhibition travelling all around ten German cities.
- Price Louis Weiller – Palais des Beaux-Arts in Paris
- Price Marc Macken (NHISK Antwerp)
- Price Ernest Albert sculpture
1985 - price as most deserving student of the academy. (laureate).

1980 - competition Langbenn. (laureate).
- competition “Van Campenhout”. (laureate)
- competition Bernaerts. (laureaat).
- Competition Alfons Blomme for painting
1976 - Competition A Blomme for sculpture (jury and exhibition
1958 - first oil painting was bought by an expert from Antwerp ; ...

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