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This painting is individual, without any compromise, it combinates the occurence with intuition. The pictures are intrinsic of a special magic, which is not intended or planned, its resulting out of the painting process. The organic impressioned spaces and worlds of this pictures lead to associations and they will contemplate the art of painting themselves, they open a fascinating spectrum of color, area, line, which combines to mythical compactness.

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Miguel Conesa Osuna (artist - writing art reviews and essays):
"Your work is exquisite, I feel powerfully fascinated and attracted toward it. It is strong and different. It looks abstract but with a strong sense of atmosphere. Atmosphere is the key word that best describe your work. I can emotionally feel and touch with my eyes the heaviness of the mass as if solid rock. Each picture transports my mind into a close up world that exist out there. The overall compositions are substantially effective. I feel myself as if I was actually in my spirit body going through solid things.
Each picture is part of an unknown tangible world from which I could satisfy all my creative desires.
You have something very special going on in your work."

... und dann ist da nur die unmittelbare Aufforderung, sich hineinzulesen in eine Bildwelt von solch sensibler Transparenz, daß die eigenen Gedanken sich uneingeschränkt nach allen Seiten bewegen können. Suchend, findend und doch das eben Erfaßte wieder fallen lassend. Eine Malerei, die aus geglaubtem Ende einen Neuanfang bildet. Gleichsam Fenster öffnet zur Wiedereroberung einer Geisteswelt als Reflexion der eigenen Existenz. Malerei, die dem Betrachter die Möglichkeit bietet, sich seines persönlichen Ortes in Raum und Zeit zu versichern

Johannes Maubach...

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