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As an animal lover, I have spent my life in the company of many types of companion animals, and they are an integral part of my family. You most likely view your companion animal(s) as an important family member too, since you are thinking having a portrait of your pet painted, and you are considering a visit tp Gallery Allee at

Creating an original portrait of your companion animal begins by sending me several close-up, clear photographic images with clear eye detail. You will not want to use flash photography because the retina of the eye will appear white in animals such as dogs and red in other animals such as rabbits. In cases like these, I will not be able to paint the eyes with any amount of accuracy. It is best to take photos of your pet in natural, soft sunlight, preferably in the morning or early evening. After you take several photos of your pet, you will need to mail them to me. I will return your photographs to you when I have completed your painting. In the interim, you may upload electronic images of your photos by using the Electronic Photograph Upload Form on the website.

I require a fifty percent (50%) deposit on the cost of the painting to begin work. I accept payments by Google Checkout, personal check, and money order, as described under the Payment Policy at Gallery Allee. Once I receive your deposit, the photographs, and you have agreed to the terms of completion, I will begin the painting. When considering the terms of completion, please bear in mind that a painting takes approximately two weeks to complete, two to three weeks to mat and frame, and four days in transit. Additional time is needed to allow for order backlogs. If you are ordering a painting for a special occasion, please let me know, and I will do my best to accommodate your time constraint. When the work is completed, I will e-mail an image of the completed portrait to you. If you are satisfied with the work, I will ship the painting to you upon receipt of the final balance due. Sales tax will be included in the final charge for California residents. The painting will be insured and shipped by Federal Express, in accordance with the shipping policy. If you are not satisfied with the painting when I e-mail you the image, you will have fourteen (14) calendar days to e-mail your disapproval, and I will refund your deposit subject to the terms of the refund and return policies set forth at Gallery Allee's website.

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