Artist Statement -

Greg Mason began working with found objects during the 1980’s while creating welded steel sculpture as a pastime on his farm near Anthony, Ks. His creative impulses were fueled primarily by what happened to be in his scrap pile at the moment.

From 1991 to 2000 Greg lived in Santa Fe, NM. During this time he served as director of a gallery specializing in fine art, antiquities, and rare manuscripts. This association broadened his appreciation and knowledge of fine art and craft.

Greg now resides in Flagstaff, Az., where he works out of his garage, creating collage, assemblage, and functional objects assembled from the detritus of American culture. Stylistically, his creations run the gamut from dada/surrealism to pop. His creative impulses continue to be fueled primarily by what happens to be in his scrap pile at the moment. Greg’s scrap pile seems to become more eccentric with the passing of time.

Greg (an inveterate collector of “Wow, this is really neat!” stuff) is a friend of second-hand shops and junkyards across Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.
Greg likes to think his work addresses such pertinent subjects as space, time, light,
and the inherent creativity present in the universe...

realistically... he makes stuff out of junk

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