Artist Statement -

I make my art from dreams( including daydreams),wordplay,and visions. I prefer 3-dimensional assemblage pieces and collect man-made and natural materials, junk, and even furniture everywhere I go. I like making art from recylced and cast off items. I am a true pack rat. Recently I picked up an old skill--sewing--and have started designing some funky dresses made of combined fabrics and trims from vintage and gently used clothing.
I love the stalwart spirits of trees through all seasons. I enjoy making sculpture and collage that gives trees personality with facial expressions and gestures.
When people tell me they love my work, I say it isn't work,it is play.
I teach writing classes and try to bring my creativity to class to inspire students to think outside their personal boxes.

Artist Exhibitions

Downtown Roanoke, Virginia, November 2001, American Electric Power on the corner of 1st and Franklin Streets.

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Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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