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Mohamed Ghazala; Aswan Afternoon, 2004, Original Pastel, 70 x 50 cm. Artwork description: 241 aswan south EGYPT...
Mohamed Ghazala
Original Pastel, 2004
70 x 50 cm (27.6 x 19.7 inches)
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Mohamed Ghazala; Aswan Afternoon2, 2004, Original Pastel, 70 x 50 cm.
Mohamed Ghazala
Original Pastel, 2004
70 x 50 cm (27.6 x 19.7 inches)
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Artist Statement


-Egyptian nationality.
-Got high award from Education Ministry in Libya for artistic efforts 1990.
-Participated to Children Museum in Norway 1992.
-Graduated cum laude from fine arts faculty, Minia, Egypt.2001.
-Currently works as lecturer at Animation department at fine arts faculty. Minia University. Egypt.
-Member of plastic arts syndicate in Cairo.
-Got Master Degree in Animation about Disney's characters (“Artistic and Dramatic Study of Animals in Disney's Animated Films�)–-Minia University 2006.
-Got Ph.D Degree in Animation 2010.
-Exhibitions in Cairo and Minia.
-Solo Exhibition in Fine Arts faculty- Minia 2002.
-Currently works as storyboard artist and character designer in animated films and children books illustrator.
-Works as Art Director in Children Books in Dar Al Helal publishing & press foundation - Cairo-Egypt.
-Loves landscape and animals drawing and painting especially in pastel.
-Got many awards from Egyptian universities for artistic activities.
-Participated to Int'l Youth Films Week in Goethe Institute – Cairo – EGYPT - 2001.
-Participated to the Egyptian Animation Week Opera House – Cairo - EGYPT- 2002.
-Participated to IBDA'A Media Student Awards Dubai – UAE – 2004.
-Participated to 1st Int'l animation films Celebration in Dubai) Dubai – UAE – Jan 2005.
-Participated to Animation Festival - 2nd int'l DigiMedia Conference – Cairo - EGYPT- Mar 2005.
-Participated to (FICCI –Animation Award) in New Delhi – INDIA – April 2005.
-Participated to the Egyptian Animation Week in Fine Arts Faculty – Cairo – EGYPT - May 2005.
-Won the 1st Award of Animation section for the animation film “Carnival� in the 2nd Fayoum Int'l Youth Film Festival – Fayoum – EGYPT - Jun 2005.
-Won the Video Art Award for the animation film “Crazy Works� in the 1st El-Sakia Cinema Documentary Festival – Culture Wheel-Cairo - EGYPT- Jul 2005.
-Organized Cairo –Durban Animation show for Egyptian and south African animated films - Sakiat Al Sawy Culture Wheel –Cairo – Egypt - Sep 2005.
-Won the 2nd Award of media Art in 17th Youth Salon – Arts Palace – Cairo – Egypt Sep 2005.
-Participated to Féile Beochan - 1st Irish Animation Festival – Kilkenny – Ireland - September 2005.
-Participated to 12th Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean in Naples -Castel Sant ’Elmo – Naples - Italy - September 2005.
-Participated to 7th Int'l Panorama of Independent Film and Video makers Chionidis Panagiotis – Athens – Greece - Sep 2005.
-Participated to 10th Int'l Film Fest for Children and Young Audience – Chemnitz – Germany –Oct 2005.
-Participated to the 3rd Short Soup Intel’ Short Film and Food Festival - Sydney - Australia– Oct 2005.
-Participated to the 1st FANTASY WORLDWIDE Film Festival – Toronto – Canada Nov 2005.
-Participated to the 15th PAN AFRICAN FILM & ARTS FESTIVAL – Los Angeles– USA 2006.
-Participated to “Krok� - Festival of Animated Films – Russia-Ukraine – 2006.
-Directed 4 films : Carnival 2001 – Crazy Works 2002 – Hm Hm 2005 – Salma 2006 .
-Directed the first Yemeni animated film “Salma� with Tohamy Mahmoud , Yemeni Women Union 2006
-Organized workshop with children in Sfax Children's book fair – Sfax –Tunisia - Mar 2006
-Won the 2nd Award of Animation section for the animated film “Hm Hm� in the 3rd Fayoum International Youth Film Festival – Fayoum -EGYPT- Jun 2006.
-Organized Panorama of Egyptian Animation at Comics Salon Festival – Bratislava –Slovakia Sept 2006.
-Lectured about Egyptian Animation in Animation Department - VŠMU Film & TV academy –Bratislava –Slovakia –Sept 2006.
-Participated to UNESCO’s animation workshop AFRICA ANIMATED 3.0 –Nairobi –Kenya Oct 2006.
-Participated to EUROMED's cinema workshop INSIGHT OUT –HFF-Potsdam – Germany Mar 2007.
- Member of a jury board in 4th Fayoum int'l youth film festival–Fayoum–EGYPT–Jun 2007.
-Member of a jury board in 6th Animae Caribe Animation festival–Trinidad & Tobago-2007.
-Member of a jury board in AnimaBasauri Animation Festival -Bilbao -Spain Apr 2008

Postal Mail address: Mr. Mohamed Ghazala
Animation Dept, Fine Arts Faculty-Minia University-Minia 61519- EGYPT

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