Artist Statement -

In my works I try to mold invisible ideas into visible forms. Merging of the invisible and visible in surreal themes and objects, or in coded geometrical shapes in my art is the way I establish the purpose of breaking through the conventional perception of material life, into the dream world of human subconscious, where the infinite universes are hiding. So the objects and beings in my works are often appearing as symbols pointing to that which can hardly be talked about by words, allowing the viewer to get the hunch on deeper non-verbal level. Apart of surrealismabstractionism and abstract expressionism, my second fav is a realistic classic painting, where I endeavor to follow the principles and techniques of Renaissance artists.

Artist Exhibitions

August- September 2015
Studio One Toi Tu. Auckland, New Zealand
Malcolm Smith Gallery. Auckland, New Zealand

September-October 2015
Corban Estate Arts Center, Auckland, New Zealand.

August 2017
Toi Tu gallery, Auckland, NZ

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