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I paint because I love to. You will not find "distilled images resonating with the inner angst of the human" on my site. Shallow? Perhaps. I firmly believe, however, there is nothing wrong with simply being inspired and painting in spite of what "they" say. I have found that such works are very successful, moreover, they do ultimately speak to the viewer who is then free to attach meaning to my work or simply own it because they love it.

My latest inspiration was a trompe l'oeil exhibit. It was a number of years ago I saw it, but at that time decided the genre appealed to me. Painting is nothing but illusion, and creating these illusions are especially --- FUN!

My website, has a selection of my classical horse portraits along with the new trompe l'eoil works. Commissions are welcome. Visit and enjoy!

Artist Exhibitions

Spending some time in Virginia Beach? Stop in at Cobalt Grille. There are a number of my original oil paintings on display, and for sale, at this great restaurant. While you're there, enjoy a great lunch or dinner. Cobalt Grille is at the Hilltop Shopping Center, call them for reservations (757-333-3334) for directions. ...

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Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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