Artist Statement -

I would like my paintings to be viewed not just as pictures but as emotional responses, or as a collection of feeling about the subject I am trying to represent. In my painting I try to make each line of color represent a speed of light and a direction for the viewer's eye to travel, giving a time-space element to the composition, as opposed to a frozen in time view of a photograph. These elements make up a controlled composition. Each line, color and shape moves the eye through the visual space inviting the viewer into the painting and guiding them in and out of the visual space, "entertaing the eye" along the way.

Artist Exhibitions

I have been exhibiting since 1950. Jury shows include The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, The Butler Institute in Ohio and the Crocker Art Museum in California. In Wisconsin, I have been in over a dozen jury shows in Milwaukee, Madison and Beloit. My works and represented in the collections of the Milwaukee Joural, the City of Milwaukee and private as well as corporate collections in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, Minnesota, California, Texas and Utah....

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Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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