Artist Statement -

Grzegorz Luszczyk belongs to a small group of artists fascinated in leather as an artistic material, in its facture, plasticity and other attributes. Though it has accompanied man since the dawn of history, in contemporary art has been used since not long ago.
He also designs and makes statuettes, signboards and gadgets using colour metals, stainless steel together with marble, stone, leather and other materials. The state-of-art techniques like laser and water stream cutting out or powder painting have been used in manufacturing process.

Grzegorz Luszczyk's emotional comprehension of art reflects in his works and in permanent searching for artistic material. First, there was metal, next leather, later canvas and paints. Now, there is metal once more but together with stone and plastic. Problems with identity? Rather consequence in penetrating of new artistic expression areas.
In his 20 years lasting adventure with art he has tried his hand at different fields. He shaped metal, formed leather, painted, designed small objects...
He presented his achievements on 17 exhibitions in Warsaw, Gdansk, Moscow, Madrid and other towns.
His works are present in numerous collections in Poland, West Europe, Japan and in the USA.

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