Artist Statement -

For as long as remember I’ve been working on the art that makes up my world, a detailed rethinking of the stored hot inspiration within me. In 2005 I had partially withdrawn from the gallery exhibition spaces forming an opening only in his studio in Southampton. I work my art slowly, taking my time and leaving my pieces to take shape and breathe in the depths of my studio, working on my them for months I come back to them from time to time. I do not live by images, but I live for the art, I do a process of researching materials and textures, with each new layer of paint I'm opening up my own spiritual quest. Destruction, properties that disappear and matter are the primary goal and reason for my creativity, it launches my energy and ignites my spirit to star a feast of many layers, texture and color, it all comes to surface in the art. I find a rays of hope and truth in the landscapes that men ruthlessly destroys all more and more. Large formats are a great part of my excitement, many size paintings, from realistic, to abstract, and sculptures are a part of my creating process. I don’t think I have a preferred style, I aways try to create a different set of art than the one I previously created. For the last few years I’ve worked from large pieces, to collages, to paintings, and now I’m working on my Horizon series of paintings.

Artist Exhibitions

Education: 1982 – 1988: University of Arts-Paintings, Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

Solo Exihibitons:
December 2011 - May 2012: Game of the Pearl Glasses, Nest Seekers International, Southampton, NY.
June 2009 – September 2009 : Love and Fear Exhibition, “Barnway”, Southampton, NY.
April 2009: Homes of the Hamptons at Engel & Volkers Real Estate, Southampton, NY.
December 2007 – January 2008: Landscapes with no Name “Barnway”, Southampton, NY.
January 2006 – December 2006: AVIS IMPORTANT II, “Barnway”, Southampton, NY.
January 2005 – December 2005: New Installation, “Barnway”, Southampton, NY.
October 2004: AVIS IMPORTANT I, Viridian Artist Gallery,NYC August 2003 – December 2003: THE ESSENTIAL OF LIFE III, “Barnway”, Southampton, NY.
January 2002 – December 2002: THE ESSENTIAL OF LIFE II, “Barnway”, Southampton, NY.
January 2001 – December 2001: THE ESSENTIAL OF LIFE I, “Barnway”, Southampton, NY.
January 2000 – December 2000: The puzzle Paintings, “Barnway”, Southampton, NY.
January 1999 – December 1999: Small Wood and Metal Assemblage, “Barnway”, Southampton, NY.
August 1997: Wood Construction, 55 Mercer Gallery, NYC. December 1985: Drawings and Olive Paintings, “Literary Salon” Belgrade, Yugoslavia.
Selected Group Exhibitions:
March and April 2013 – 75th Guild Hall Artist Member exhibition. Award, Best Sculpture.
March and April 2012 – 74th Guild Hall Artist Member exhibition.
August 2012 - Ashawagh Hall, East Hampton Springs. 44th Annual Artist of Springs Invitational exhibition.
March and April 2011 – 73rd Guild Hall Artist Member exhibition.
March and April 2010 – 72nd Guild Hall Artist Member exhibition.
March and April 2009 – 71st Guild Hall Artist Member exhibition.
March and April 2008 – 70th Guild Hall Artist Member exhibition.
May – June 2006: 68th Annual Guild Hall Artist Member Exhibition, East Hampton, NY.
January 2004: The More The Merrier, Viridian Artist, NYC.
May 2004: 66th Annual Guild Hall Artist Member Exhibition.
November 2003: FOCUS II, Viridian Artist Gallery, NYC.
September 2003: MULTIPLE MEMORIALS, Viridian Artist Gallery, NYC.
July 2003: Viridian Artist Chicago.
April 2003: New Viridian Artist, NYC.
October 2002: The fifth Small Exhibition, Gornji Milanovac, Yugoslavia.
September 2002: Elegy, Viridian Artist, NYC.
July 2002: Copycat, Islip Art Museum, Islip, NYC.
February 2002: Periog Gallery, Nebraska.
November 2001: For 9/11, “East and Art Humanities” Riverhead, NY.
November 2002: Period Gallery, Nebraska.
February 1999: National Juried Exhibition, Arts Form Gallery, PA.
October 1998: National Miniature Art, Period Gallery, Nebraska.
July 16th 1998: Annual Juried Exhibition, Pleiades Gallery, NYC.
November 1997: Abstraction 97, Stage Gallery, Long Island, NY.
May 1997: Emerging Artist 1997, Elaine Benson Gallery, NYC.
April 1997: Multicultural Perspective, Paulina Reliof Gallery, NYC.
June 1996: The Fourth National Biennale, Yugoslavia.
November 1995: First Visual Arts Festival, East Hampton, NY.
June 1989: Ex. Libris, Torino, Italy.
June 1988: Ex. Libri, Pescara Italy, and Saint Niklaas, Belgium.
July 1987: July Ex. Libris Paris Fest.
July 1986: Ex. Libris, Saint Niklaas, Belgium.

Done Projects:
2009: Scenic Art for on stage show “Beauty and the Beast” for “Stages” Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor.
2008: Scenic Art for on stage show “Oliver” and “Honk” for “Stages”, Southampton High School and Bay Street Theater, Southampton.
2007: Scenic Art for on stage show “ Seussical the Musical”, and for “Into the Woods” for “Stages”, Southampton High School and Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor.
2006: Scenic Art for on stage show “Little Shop of Horros” for “Stages” Bay Street Theater, Sag Harbor.
1994: Commercial Paintings for “Cepter International” NYC.
1991 – 1992: Three mosaics on Saint Perka Church, San Marcos, California.

Special Mentions:
November 2003: Magazine Editorial in “Gallery and Studio” by Maurice Traplinger, Elegy.
September 2004: Magazine Editorial in “Gallery and Studio” by Ed McCormak, “Reveal the secret lives of objects”
April 2009: Hamptons online by Colin Graham April 2009: Southampton Press “Perspectives” by Eric Ernst.
75th Guild Hall, East Hampton, Member Show Winners 2013
Southampton Press Mention
Guild Hall Mention
Ontological Museum Acquisitions 2012
Ontological Museum Mention
July 2009: Long Island Pulse Magazine. Annual Artist VIP List
Magazine Mention
2009 Mixing Art and Real Estate article
May 2009: Southampton Press: Perspectives 70th Guild Hall Member Show
August 2002: NY Times, Art Review by Helen A. Harrison

Best Sculpture Award at the 75th Guild Hall Member Artist Show.
Best Mixed Media Award at the 70th Guild Hall Member Artist Exhibition.

Selected Public and Private Collections:
Religious Paintings, Quito Ecuador
“Onyx Industries” Harbor City, California.
Mr. + Mrs. Shapiro, 805 Crescent Dr. Beverly Hills, CA. Mosaic Vase.
Mr. + Mrs. Reil, 32405 Nautilius Dr. Palos Verdes, CA.
Mosaics at Saint Perka Church, San Marcos, CA...

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