Artist Statement -

My art process is part of the contemporary cultural dialogue, observing and commenting on events and things that already exist. I use organic forms found within landscape or the human body as a source. My work is based on visceral reactions based on the fluidity of life and changes that occur in the body due to the effects of genetics and/or the environment. Images of pods, organs, body parts, rocks and cellular forms deteriorate into abstract images conjuring up complex associations, perceptions and emotions connected to the human condition.

Source materials are processed so that multiple readings are investigated. Abstract evolving imagery gives insight into the possibilities of processes both artistic and intellectual.

The paintings integrate the personal and memory with organic objects exploring science with nature and the potential they present for investigating new ideas to describe the life cycle. They become a metaphor for internal landscapes and external perceptions but on a wider scale transcend the individual to a broader one, open to further interpretations. Original forms are fragmented, deconstructed, fractured and reconfigured into abstract forms as the creative process dictates the way.

The physicality of the paint joined with resultant symbols is a narrative or dialogue between self and materials, revealing a personal history yet remain ambiguous. Although resultant imagery is non-objective, they are based on the constant inquiry into the reality of life experience.

Artist Exhibitions

Birmingham, Bloomfield Art Center, Birmingham, Michigan
Pearl Conard Gallery, Ohio State University, Mansfield, Ohio
Western Illinois University Art Gallery, Macomb Illinois
Re:View Contemporary Gallery, Detroit, Michigan
Linda Ross Contemporary + Projects, Huntington Woods, Michigan
Dennos Museum Center, Northwestern Michigan College, Traverse City, Michigan
Stedman Art Gallery, Rutgers Campus, Camden New Jersey
Gwenda Jay Gallery, Chicago Illinois
Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio
A.I.R. Gallery, New York, New York
Sherry Washington Gallery, Detroit, Michigan
Midland Center for the Arts, Midland, Michigan
Bradley University, Heuser Aart Center, Peoria, Illinois
Elaine Jacob Gallery, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan

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Artist Collections

The Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, Michigan
University of Michigan Museum of Art, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Dennos Museum Center, Northwestern Michigan College, Traverse City, Michigan
Ernst & Young,Detroit, Michigan
MGM Casino, Detroit, Michigan
Joshua Tree Highlands Residency, Joshua Tree, California...

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