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"Art is an integral part of my life which reveals itself in many forms and media. I enjoy creating many forms of visual art, using a variety of media: oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, pen and inks, silverpoint, and enjoy doing photography, music, creative writing, journalism and poetry. My subject matter is not limited. Art reflects my life...perhaps it IS my life. I find inspiration everywhere--in nature, in people's faces, in design, dreams, visions, thoughts and in the spirit. My conception of Paradise is that it will be a place where artists will be free to do art without limit. Art is my way of getting closer to the Creator."
Barnes online gallery is at: which lists a calendar, galleries by subject
matter, an order form, a bio, artist statement, stories, a poem, and links.
"I like meeting the public at art shows and I still believe in art for arts sake." states Kathryn.

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Artist Exhibitions

Present Exhibitions:

Online gallery:*

Past exhibitions include:
Open Door Gallery, "In the Spirit" exhibit, Barnes artwork was featured in the Sturgis Journal news.
Battle Creek Art Center, Battle Creek,MI: December's Holly Mart
South Bend Art Center
*Banned artwork made international news. (visit the artist's home site for the story)Art guild showcase exhibits.

The artist also exhibits art work at art fairs she attends.

Barnes' first exhibition was at the elementary school at the age of seven years. She was given a large space to display her artwork in the hallway showcase. At the recommendation of teachers, Kathryn was sent to art school by her parents, and studied at the art school of the South Bend Art Center. "I received excellent instruction, and was advanced to adult classes at the age of 12, when I began oil painting, learning the techniques of the old masters." Barnes states. Paintings of the young artist were exhibited at this time in the South Bend Art Center gallery with later exhibitions there also. Barnes also studied art in high school and in college. Living in art colonies, she painted and learned from other living artists, exhibiting in art fairs since 1971, beginning with the first art fair in Crested Butte, Colorado. Presently, Barnes exhibits through the art guild and local galleries. "My online gallery of fine art at lists a calendar, galleries by subject matter, an order form for art and shopping cart features, a bio and artist statement and art links. I enjoy meeting the public, and also value the opportunity to exhibit online....

Artist Publications

Critiques of Ms. Barnes artwork:

"highly creative"
"interesting and unique"

Most recently, Ms.Barnes oil painting, "The Crucifixion" was featured in the Sturgis Journal newspaper, as representative of the artwork in the "In the Spirit" exhibit of June 2003.

The Painting, "The Dancers" which was donated to an art auction to benefit the children of Chernobyl, was reportedly shown on television.
The artist was told about this from various people, but did not see the show herself...was told the painting was evaluated at $1,500.00 or more. ...

Artist Collections

The artist's work is in private collections throughout the world. Non reproduced originals are in the collection of a Doctor as well as others in the USA, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, and other countries. Some of her art is presently at the Stones Throw Gallery in Tekonsha, Michigan and the other galleries in the artist's local region.
Ms.Barnes is very appreciative of the people who have purchased her artwork. If you wish to collect the art of Ms. Barnes, please contact her directly through Absolute Arts, or through her website at
Ms. Barnes also painted under the names of
Kathryn/Kathy Challis (maiden name)
and Kathryn/Kathy Johnson
It is unknown where most of the artworks of these times are....

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