Artist Statement -

In the ‘Entangled’ series, the artist is actually expressing his inner feelings, emotions and thoughts about the world he lives in. Lines and material are dominant in this field. Vertical, horizontal and criss-cross lines, when congregated, create a sense of tension, pressure and hint of a chaotic situation, perhaps entwined with conflict and feelings of being trapped. The Artist also expresses his disappointment towards the world which is filled with man-made destructions, lies and traps that exist inside himself and other people. All these are compiled by the artist into and abstract representation.

Bold mixtures and combinations of bright colors and strokes carry a hidden message – the artist’s depressions, caused by conflicts that surround him. With the mixture of bright colors, thick and thin lines, it somehow projects anger, confusion and dispute that lead towards an unlimited space.

Consequently, the collision of thoughts and emotions in the artwork is a statement out of his raging heart. It can also relate to speed, which refers to the Artist’s time-line. Meanwhile, random and spontaneous lines create the’ before’ and ‘after’ scenario.

According to Worringer’s theory in Abstraction and Emphaty (New York, 1953), abstract art is the result of a great inner restlessness in man caused by the phenomena of the outside world. An attempt to find the main cause in artistic production, it refers to ‘mental character’ or in the other words ‘psychological urge’. The mental character is the ‘ art motion force’ or the ‘strength of art’. Force of movement, intuition and character are the most important terms in this concept of art. Art that was built upon the concept of emphaty; the sense of beauty from being able to relate to aspecific object, which reveals a psychological need to represent objects in a more spiritual manner, which will lead to an unlimited space. Therefore, the forms that are placed in this space are unrelated.

The urge of abstraction occurs because of the fear of extended space. That is why the element of space and depth is ignored totally. The arrangement scheme used for art inspired by abstraction depends solely on the vertical and horizontal lines which parallel to the image.

Artist Exhibitions


2005 •‘Entangled’ – Solo Exhibition
TJ Fine Art Gallery, Plaza Damas, Kuala Lumpur


•ARTRIANGLE 2010 (A group exhibition from Southeast Asia, Malaysia,Indonesia, Singapore & Phillipines) National Art Gallery, K. Lumpur
•BAD @ MAP (In conjunction with KL Design Week 2010), Solaris Dutamas,
Kuala Lumpur

(‘Independent designer group exhibition’)
•‘Overlooked’ @Taksu,
TAKSU Gallery Kuala Lumpur

•Peninsula & Island
(a group exhibition by artists from Malaysia & Singapore)
TAKSU Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

•‘Nike Windbreaker Bearbrick Design’
(A collaboration by artist & designer with Nike)

•‘Peninsula & Island' Group Exhibition,(an exhibition of emerging artist/graduates from UiTM Malaysia & LA SALLE - SIA college of the arts Singapore)Taksu Gallery, KL
•‘7 A side –offsight & insight’ Galleriiizu Kuala Lumpur

• 7 (Group Exhibition), Galleriiizu
• Arty Party – Fund-raising Event, Galleriiizu
• Open Show Malaysia 2005, National Art Gallery
• Open Show 2005, Shah Alam Gallery
• ‘Entangled’ – Solo Exhibition, TJ Fine Art Gallery, Plaza Damas, KL
• ‘3 Hari 2 Malam’ group exhibition and art event, UBU, Bangsar Utama
• ‘Permanent collection show’ (FSSR Gallery UiTM Shah Alam)
• ‘A Closer Look’ Miniature show ( MAYA Gallery)
• ‘SULUNG’ exhibition (Degree Show) Fine Art UiTM
• ‘Demo on Canvas’ 3 Hari 2 Malam Art Event, Bangsar
• Organized ‘Art Talk with Suzlee Ibrahim’, Bangsar Utama
• Organized ‘Parti Teh@AX’ – KL’s Art Group gathering, AX Space Galleria
• Printmaking workshop by Hector Saunier, FSSR UiTM Shah Alam
• Tanjung Heritage Art Competition
• Langkawi Craft & Art Fest
• Children of Art@Laman Seni (Art Market Laman Seni - National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur)
• member of the Children of Art (young artists & designers group)

• ’Celebrate Diversity’ Nokia Upstart Art Award Finalists Exhibition 2004 (ARTrageous Gallery)
• ‘A Bucket of Ideas’ EnviroArt : Annex FSSR (Group show with lecturer)
• Sovereign Art Foundation Award 2004
• ‘Crew’ Kuala Lumpur Art Festival, Art, food, culture and lifestyle
• Art Clinic, UiTM
• Laman Seni, National Art Gallery
• Musical Performance ‘Purple Beat’ (Non-electrical Band) - Design Graduate Showcase, Reform for the future 2004, MIECC (Malaysian International Convention Centre Mine Resort City Serdang)
• Musical Performance ‘Purple Beat’ – Grand Opening of Laman Seni ‘Seni Di Sini’ National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
• ‘ENVIROART’ Inside and Outside, Mural painting Fine Art Department, FSSR

• ‘Creative Product Workshop, Selangor FSSR UiTM, Shah Alam
• ‘2003 Diploma Show’, UiTM

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