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Welcome to Donald Harter’s portfolio. Like my poetry, I paint to express an emotion. An image stirs in me some elusive feeling and I'm inspired to paint. I paint not because I want to but because I must. The image stays with me until I get it out on canvass. In my painting, I am looking for something I can’t seem to find. I suppose that is why I keep on painting and evolving as an artist.

Grandmother, by Donald Harter
I went to my Grandmother’s funeral the other day
It wasn’t long ago we had so much to say
In the park she and I took a long walk
She and I in the park had a good talk
She told me she had lived a good life and was ready to
We sat by the river and we said good-by
She gave me a hug as we sat by the river
I told her I loved her it was all I could give her
That day in the park was the last time we spoke
She went to bed that evening and she never awoke
I am thankful each day for our day in the park
And I am sad the next day she had to embark
I miss my Grandmother when I walk in the park
And sometimes at night when I miss her I cry in the dark

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