Artist Statement -

In my work as a fine artist, I use the mediums of graphite, coloured pencil and oil, in the styles realism, photo-realism, trompe l'oeil and portraiture, Ideas come from literature, metaphors, and the real world.

Rather than the imitation of appearance, my concern is with the essence of the subject. In trompe l'oeil, it is the hardness and softness of guns and lingerie, which, when mounted in shadow boxes, become real.

In the series, 'Dante's Divine Comedy', executed in graphite, the object was to depict the universality of his ideas as they appear today.

In all of my work, realism is my focus and goal.

Artist Exhibitions


1990 Concordia Gallery – group show
1991 Atlin Library – solo show
1992 Atlin Inn – solo show
1993 Heritage Gallery, Edmonton- group show
1994 Atlin Inn – group show
1995 Talisman, Whitehorse – solo show
1997 Atlin Library – solo show
1997 Studio Gallery, Whitehorse – solo show
1998 Alaska-Yukon Centennial poster
1999 ArtWork ’99, Vancouver – juried group show
1999 Yukon Arts Center – juried show ‘Light: An Exhibition of
Yukon Ary
1999 Yukon Arts Branch – juried show, Guild Hall
2000 Yukon Arts Center – juried show, ‘Drawing’
2001 Chocolate Claim, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada – solo show
2002 Yukon Arts Center, solo show ‘Dante’s Divine Comedy
2003 Harcourt House Gallery, Edmonton – group show
2003 Commission for Jim Robb’s ‘Colourful 5%’
2003 Yukon Arts Center, Trompe l’oeil Exhibit
2004 Alaska Pacific University, Anchorage – ‘Dante’s Divine Comedy’
2004 American Artist Drawing Magazine Fall ’04 – drawing
2004 Pine Tree Café, Atlin, BC – Trompe l’oeil Exhibit
2005 Yukon Arts Center – oil painting exhibit, ‘Portraits’
1990-2005 numerous commissioned portraits
2006 Yukon Government Permanent Collection Acquisition
2006 Pine Tree Café, Atlin, BC – oil paintings & graphite works
2006 Atlin Art Festival
2007 Courthouse Gallery, Atlin, BC
2007 Yukon Arts Centre, The Tarot Show, group show with Studio
Gallery Group

Artist Publications

Yukon News 1997 Studio Gallery, Whitehorse, exhibit 'Myths and Metaphors' 'Seeing myths as metaphors' ...drawings are a series of exquisitely drawn portraits and objects, realistic enough to be photographs and, in some instances, to be the objects themselves.

Yukon News 2001 Chocolate Claim, Whitehorse, exhibit 'Objects' 'Artist shows it like it is' might think the objects are wouldn't be the first viewer to be taken in by Hyatt's skill.

Yukon News 2002 Yukon Arts Centre, Whitehorse, exhibit 'Dante's Divine Comedy' 'Artist beaufifully illustrates trek through hell' ....there is a removed, almost peaceful quality to many of the pieces...meticulous detail, and attention to light. ...

Artist Collections

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