Artist Statement -

My work reflects my preoccupations with current events: war, militarism, and people’s struggles against impossible odds.
My photographs are usually at the base of my creative process. These images are printed on paper and glued onto the canvas. Graffiti from New York, architecture from Germany or Pakistan, headless mannequins from the streets of Paris are collaged together. Out of this visual cacophony, I create a harmonious whole, an abstract urban landscape around which I develop my narrative. It is like a puzzle. I use acrylic paint and sometimes magic markers. I proceed through trial and error and constantly build and destroy. In recent years, graffiti have become a major source of inspiration.
The use of drawings and cartoon-like characters as well as bright, energetic colors enables me to inject humor and visual appeal into serious discussions about war and violence.

Artist Exhibitions

Museum of Fine Arts, 2006 and 2007(Tallahassee) - 621 Gallery, 2007(Tallahassee) - Tallahassee Comunity College Art Center, 2007 (Tallahassee) - April/may 2008 BAMART at the Brooklyn Academy of Music-
June/July 2008 Art Gotham Gallery, Soho, NYC - 2009 National Arts Club, NYC - National Association of Women Artists, NYC - 2010 AV Fashion Week, NYC - Vox Pop, Brooklyn - 2011 Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn, Grace Institute, NYC - 2012 Women in Arts, Queen Museum of Arts, Fountain Art Fair, NYC - 2013 Boricua College, NYC - Riverside Library NYC - Fountain Art Fair, NYC - South of the Navy Yard Artists, open studios, NYC
Solo exhibitions:
March 2008, Galerie Art Sud Toulouse, France
October 2008, 440 Gallery, Brooklyn, NYC
December 2009, Ion Studio, Soho, NYC

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