Artist Statement -

I do my work because it excites me to see others in awe by what i have drawn ,
when my piece is forming as planned , I can't wait to show people what I have created , and how vibrant the colors are that I've chose !!!
I love when they appreciate the fact that , i took the time to make sure each line was bold and perfect . and my colors were blended to the best of my artistic ability
one of my goals are to be world renown for my style of art and to be showcased in fine arts galleries around the world .
I aspire to be like the great artist before me ,and to inspire those who will come after me .
most artist are not noticed till they have past away. i would like to be alive and well to see one of my many portraits be considered a master piece.

When i make a choice on what subject i am going to use for my portrait ,
i have more than likely been thinking of and, devising a plan to make this piece come to life for days in advance.
I love to use my oil pastels on heavy construction paper ,
because the paper allows me to go back and fix any mistakes i have made.
Of course my favorite tools are my paper and a eraser,my fingers and a pencil
I pick and choose my colors after i have out lined and drawn the major points of my portrait.
My themes come from a deep spot in my mind and a special place in my heart
I'm full of imagination so I always have some kind of thought or potent idea running around in my head.
Most of the subjects in "my collection the root of it all" are people i aspire to be like or people who are a direct influence on me as a artist and musician ..the drawing 'THE ROOT OF IT ALL' its self was inspired by andre 3000 from the group OUTKAST "MAKE LOVE NOT WAR!"WHAT THE H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICK ARE WE LIVING FOR????

My current body of work is very NEW and EXCITING. It's centered around MONEY , POWER,LOVE and WAR
Its a very strong body of work with various themes that are high potent and will cause debate for years to come.
In this collection I'm exploring various colors and different blending techniques
as well as getting back into my everything must be perfect to my eye
zone. With each new piece I would not sign it, till I felt as though my piece was 100 % complete, with the exception of the king of pop
Which was so powerful to me, that I actually signed it in the middle of drawing it
because i felt as though i could have called it done in black and white and
inside i knew m.j was saying make sure you get it right ..
I would like for the people who appreciate the arts to recognize my work as note worthy and I also want to allow others to share in my passion and find a world inside my paintings where they can become one with the color and flow as my colors flowed onto the paper .
If i had to describe my art in words i would say in no order
Vibrant, Exciting, New Age,Strong,Potent, Energetic ,Intense,Passionate
Powerful Statements Through Artistic FREEDOM .


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