Artist Statement -

When contemplating creativity, I admit to being impressed by the draftsmanship of Gustav Klimt,the audacity and creativity of Picasso and the fortitude of Artemisia Gentileschi and many other female artists.

The "Lady and the Unicorn" tapestries in Paris move me greatly for their colour and their detail in particular.

I have my own style and language which has developed over the years from experimentation with a variety of mediums and different approaches to my subject matter.
Some things become favourites, contributing to a personal language and the sheer pleasure of creating.

The process is the important thing.
Creativity for the visual artist is all about struggle,excitement and energy.

Artist Exhibitions

2015 Solo exhibition Gallery 126. Armidale NSW September
2014 Printmaking workshop - Florence Italy MAY
2014 Field work in the olive groves - Puglia Italy APRIL
2013 Group Exhibition PICCOLE MERAVIGLIE - Florence Italy
2013 Solo Exhibition NERAM Armidale NSW Australia Feb/March/April
2012 Group Exhibition ARTROM Gallery Rome Italy April/May
2010 Solo Exhibition. GALLERY 126. Armidale NSW Australia.September.
2010 CONTEMPORANEA . A Group Exhibition of Florence Biennale Australian Artists.
MELBOURNE 7th - 19th October. Smartartz Gallery
CANBERRA 23rd October - 6th November. aarwun Gallery.
2010 Group Exhibition. Artrom Gallery. Rome ITALY, May
2010 Group Exhibition. Brick Lane Gallery. LONDON, UK. June/July.

2009 Artist Residency Montecastello, Umbria, ITALY (September)
2008 NY Arts Beijing Artist Residency/Open Studio (May 2008)
2006 Silk Cut Award- Exhibition of Finalists- MELBOURNE, Australia.
2005 Art Domain Gallery Leipzig GERMANY December
2005 Agora Gallery NEW YORK CITY.
2005 Art Domain Gallery Leipzig, GERMANY ( July & November )
2004 Bondi Pavillion - BONDI,SYDNEY.
2004 Gallery Lane - Leura- Blue Mountains.
2003 (December) Exhibited in the FLORENCE BIENNALE, ITALY.
2003 ( April) Solo Exhibition TAP GALLERY Sydney NSW
2002 ( October) Guest Artist- Wentworth Falls Art Show-Blue Mountains.
2000 Silk Cut Award-Exhibition of Finalists- Melbourne VIC
1999 Guest Artist Springwood Art Show- Blue Mountains NSW
1998 Silk Cut Award- Exhibition of Finalists- Melbourne VIC
1998 "Etchings" New England Regional Art Museum Armidale NSW
1997 Julian Ashton Art School- Sydney.. Syd Long prize for Etching
1998-97 Exhibitions in Regional Galleries and small Sydney Galleries.
1991 Solo exhibition "Roman Works" New England Regional Art Museum
Armidale NSW
1988 Solo exhibition"Bush Abstracts" New England Regional Art Museum"
Armidale NSW
1984 Solo exhibition "Standbye" The Gallery Image Armidale NSW
1983 "Painting and Sculpture" Weswal Gallery Tamworth NSW
1981,79,78 Blake Prize Exhibition,Sydney
1979 Blake Touring exhibition...

Artist Publications

An artist whose interests range from abstraction to still life to portraiture, HILARY POLLOCK paints melodious compositions with dulcet colours, unifying her diverse subjects by her heed for the grace and clarity of line work and lucid articulated colour.
Some of her still lifes are quiet contemplative observations of nature domesticated.
With fluid contours and a simplfied realism Pollock's portraits have the same pensive, serene quality as her inanimate representations.
Bouyant in colour and unfettered by gravity, her abstract works describe geometric formations unraveling in space, or nebulous sea forms that glow and undulate in their ethereal environment.
Hilary is a graduate of the National Art School in Sydney Australia.

"JUST PAINT" International Exhibition.
An elegant and refined use of colour, the sense of placement, the transparency and veiling technique, the lightness of her brush, the fluidity of forms, the seemingly random, yet studied composition are the elements that distinguish Pollock's work.

Artist Collections

University of New England Armidale Australia
NSW Police Service Sydney Australia
Private Collections UK.USA.Canada.Europe.China.Japan.Australia....

Artist Favorites