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Fernando Andrea was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1961 and received his early education at the religious school of “Hermanos Menesianos” in the same city. In the 80’s he was trained as a merchant navy officer, serving for a year.
Fernando is the third of four brothers. Fascinated with art in general and small figures in particular, he produced his first sculpture being sixteen years old, following the steps of his elder brother with whom he shared a passion for art.

Introduced very young in the world of arts, he has been working and studying in a multitude of workshops, where his talent and experience as a sculptor has been forged. He is well known since 1983 as one of the foremost designer s of small size sculptures and highly praised by connoisseurs and collectors.

Fernando is also an accomplished musician and an excellent drawer.
As a master artist at the Andrea studios, he has met many famous sculptors as Sergio Blanco, Juan Munoz , Eva Riquelme an others ; involved all over the years in different sculpting projects.
His outstanding work benefits from his deep historical knowledge, derived from many years of dedicated reading and investigation so as an obsession for accuracy and detail achieved through long and painstaking sculpting sessions. His sculptures are designed to bring the viewer “inside” and “around” the piece, stressing in psychological ands atmospherics aspects able to provoke a subtle but deep emotional response.
His portrait of G.A. Custer has been highly praised among American collectors.

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