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00000, Caribbean - Jamaica

Personal Photo of Hope Brooks, Artist 100 x 133

Member since:February 2008
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Artist Statement:
I am often asked the question what is my work about which is a little like being asked what is life about because in art as in life each person must bring their own experience and provide their own answers. Quite simply my work is about life and the enigma that surrounds existence. I make reference to specific experiences or draw on visual reality to act as a frame to the broader content and people ...
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1998 “Caribbean Art” Thames
and Hudson “World of Art”
series, Thames and Hudson,

1996 Feature article ...
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Hope Brooks Artist Exhibitions


One-woman Exhibitions:

2011 Mutual Gallery - "People and Their Stories - Then and Now"

1995 Musgrave Laureate Exhibition – National Galley of Jamaica

1993 Chelsea Gallery – paintings from the “Night Series” shown in conjunction with ceramics by Jag Mehta

1989 Mutual Life Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica – “The Garden Series”, an exhibition of 14 paintings depicting the garden

1986 Bonagree Gallery Commonwealth Institute, London, England
“Caribbean Focus”, an exhibition of 16 pieces of work drawn mainly from private collections, and representative of almost two decades of the artist’s work. June – December 1986

1986 Bolivar Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica
“Old Book Series”, a one-woman exhibition of 14 paintings in tribute to the highly decorative abstract art of the illuminated manuscripts of the Koran

1983 Bolivar Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica
“Window Series”, an exhibition of 33 paintings and prints, completed while on study leave at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore

1980 Upstairs Downstairs Gallery, Kingston
“The Sea Series”, a series of 15 paintings, completed between 1979 and 1980, with the sea as its theme

1978 Bolivar Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica
“Shell Series”, inspired by shells found in the sea and on land, their beautiful colours and textures

Gallery Giammaica, Los Angeles, California
Exhibition at Madge Sinclair’s Gallery

1976 Bolivar Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica
Exhibition of diverse collection of paintings ranging from trees, tree trunks, to the moon and moon rise over the mountains, reflecting the experience of living in the mountains of Jamaica.

1974 John Peartree Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica
“Earth Collection”, a series of works based on man-made and natural (found) objects that came from the earth, and which through a process of decay were returning to the earth

1972 Bolivar Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica
“Mountain Series”, an exhibition of paintings about the mountains of Jamaica, as seen from the Palisadoes International Airport


2005 - Grand Valley State University (GVSU), USA
Modern Jamaican Art through the work of six female artists

2004 “Curator’s Eye” – National Gallery of Jamaica – Installation Exhibition curated by Dr. Lowery Stokes Sims, Executive Director Studio Museum in Harlem

2003 – 2004 “Rousings” Exhibition of Jamaican Art, National Gallery of Cayman

2000 – 2003 “Soon Come” The Art of Contemporary Jamaica – touring exhibition organized by Exhibits USA, the Nebraska Arts Council and the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts

1997 “Black as Colour”, curated exhibition, National Gallery of Jamaica

1995 One of six artists selected for the SITES Exhibition (Smithsonian Travelling Exhibition Service) titled “New Jamaican Art”, scheduled to open Summer, 1997

1992 “Exposicion Entretropicos”, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Caracas, Venezuela, April 1992

1992 1492/1992 Un Nouveau Regard Sur Les Caraibes, Espace Carpeaux, Courbevoie, France

1991 Invited to participate in the National Gallery of Jamaica, Dunkley Centenary Exhibition

1986 – 2006 National Gallery of Jamaica Annual Exhibition (unjuried artist)

1983 Exhibition at the Eubie Blake Cultural Centre, Baltimore, USA

1983 “Male & Female Created He Them”, special theme show, at the National Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica

1983 “Jamaican Art, 1940-1980” exhibition of the Smithsonian Institute Travelling Exhibition Service (SITES), USA, curated by the National Gallery of Jamaica

1981 “Carifesta”, work selected to represent Jamaica at the Caribbean Festival of the Arts held, Bridgetown, Barbados

1975 Thirty Jamaican Artists – cultural exhibition in Mexico City, Mexico

1975 Contemporary Art of the Caribbean – Organization of the American States – Washington, D.C.

1975 Caribbean & Afro American Female Artists – New York, USA

1974 Contemporary Jamaican Art Exhibition, at the Casa De Las Americas Museum, Havana, Cuba

1969 Joint exhibition and first exhibition in Jamaica, after returning from Edinburgh, with Pat Bishop, Trinidadian artist and staff member of the Jamaica School of Art, USIS Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica

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