Artist Statement -

My work is a way to depict forms in space, using color and its values. I like to look at common objects i.e. a tree, table, lamp, books etc and paint them in a way that is unexpected or out of the norm. For me, it opens up the challenge of going beyond the traditional and to explore the vast possibilities to making art.

I began by working with a grid format where I learned about color and the emotion it depicts. After that I used acrylic paint and enamel which required very little time to dry which meant working super fast. Finally I turned to oil paints which I discovered can be applied transparently as well as opaque. Its a vibrant medium to use and blending color can be fun to explore.

Most of my Abstract work tends to be conceptual and created through my imagination with a variety of subject matter that opens doors to exploration.

I am a believer that creating art is not a final result or means to an end, but more like a process to experience. Art is about trusting yourself and making marks to support intuitive decisions.

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