Artist Statement -

I have not chosen art, the painting and sculpture. It is a task, a responsibility if you will, given me by the Creator from birth. As a small child removed from home and family, speaking no English and placed in foster care in Toronto, drawing was often my primary means of communication. The elders of my people, whom I met for the first time a few years ago, tell me that even as a toddler, I drew. I am, they say, what the Anishinabe call a Dreamer.

I learned much about sculptural products while creating the bas reliefed murals
in Sidney and Victoria, British Columbia, starting with resin and expanding foam, moving to structural foam and fibreglass, then acrylic stucco, and eventually to a major sculpture that utilized all of these as well as a few other new materials.

My study of various materials and methods has resulted in some ground-breaking
work. The bas reliefed murals in Sidney were the first of their kind, and have had artists from all over the continent contacting my studio to find out how they were done.

I believe that as an artist, to be an artist, is to continue to learn, explore, expand one’s knowledge and skills. This means constantly testing, pushing the boundaries of both one’s own skills and the products available.

For me, to ever be confined to one genre, palette, or family of products would be impossibly stifling. The creation of Art is a lifelong adventure, to be explored and
savoured, Each vision has a life and presence of its own, and demands its own
unique way of being presented to the world.

It is my task, my obligation, to be the instrument of that presentation..

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