Artist Statement -

I began painting and drawing in 1987 and have not stopped. I have a wide range from, landscapes, still-lifes, Hubble art galaxies nebulas, abstracts, florals, architectural art and so much more. I draw every day and paint as much as I can afford. I paint more watercolors than acrylic and oil canvas art. I would prefer more canvas art, but I make do with what I have. I try to express myself in artwork as well as with words.

I paint landscapes, the glorious colors of nature, water, the ever expressive sky and more, primarily with watercolors on paper. These paintings are usually thought out and planned because they represent nature as I see nature.

I paint still-lifes of everyday objects. To teach me about one particular color, shading and or painting glass. I think of still-lifes as a learning process that literally has me pulling my hair out in frustration, but I still paint through how they make me feel...

I am fascinated with Hubble Space Technology so, I paint galaxies and nebulas on canvas with acrylic paints. I have sold many of these paintings and I must admit they are some of my favorite subjects to paint. These paintings are well thought out, studied represented how I see them from photographs I receive or books that I read.

When I set down to paint abstracts most are not thought out as any particular painting. They are how I feel. They are not from an object, or scenery outside or even pictures. They are pure emotion from depths inside me that I dont know about. I have a deeper love for abstracts because they seem to calm me in my life of quiet solitude. They express humor, hate, love, heartache, insights into me that show a freedom I cant seem to grasp. My abstracts are on canvas and paper, with materials of watercolors, acrylics, and oils.

My works are of no particular style at all. They are all a part of me that I consider each is a continuation of what I constructively learn each time I paint. When I first began painting I did struggle with the paint and the blankness of paper or canvas. Now I no longer feel that way. I adore painting. I know it is no coincidence that I feel this way. This is how I am supposed to feel. These feelings did not evolve overnight but, were always within me. Some people write, some people sing, some people garden, some people create art. I create art. My paintings are like a journal or reflection into my life experiences and the world around me.

I grew up feeling that I had always had a secret passion for art in my heart. We moved a lot during my childhood which has caused me to be a shy and reclusive individual. I dont remember much about my early years in art. Just a few tidbits here and there. Remembering in kindergarten I had finger-painted a duck in a pond. The teacher said to my Mom... She has a talent you should let her take classes. I did not take any classes. The teacher asked me if she could keep my finger-painting and I nodded my head up and down in agreement. I grew up sneaking in drawings, elaborate construction paper trees, paint by number horse painting I gave away to Patty Degler and what not. In high school, I did receive an A on some type of animal that I drew with chalk and oils and my father had it until the day he passed away.

I did not take any art classes until I was 25 years old. One half of a semester in college was enough to change my life. I was studying something completely different but when I put paint to canvas, everything changed. I began painting in 1987. I am self-taught. I do read as much as I can about art and artists, I have a bookcase full of books. I worry if I take lessons now I will change the artist I have become.

My art is my own journey of spirituality and freedom. Even if at times I do not feel free. If nothing else art has taught me that I am not as solitary as I think I am. We are all together here on earth walking on the same soil. We are breathing the same air as we are all interconnected somehow.

I am the artist and you are the onlooker. Our imaginations are entwined as you view my artwork. If you look at my paintings what you see is about you and your imagination because you are reflecting upon my work. Your senses are absorbing color, emotions, objects expressions from me that should guide your senses into an understanding of the representation of what it is you see. Albert Einstein stated, Imagination is more important than knowledge. So, dont try to analyze much about what you see. Please just feel it. Thank you, Eve.


Artist Exhibitions

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Artist Collections

McKim & Associates, California, United States
Mr. Moore, Tasmania, Australia
Mr. Visser, California, United States
Ms. Swenson, California, United States
Manitoba, Inc., Wisconsin, United States
Mr. Newson, Montana, United States


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